5 Ways to Advertise to Commuters

The big city is always bustling with activity, and some of that comes from commuters making their way to and from work. Transit and bus shelter advertising is a great way to take advantage of the daily grind. If you want to get your brand seen by as many potential customers as possible, you need a broad-reaching platform that covers a wide area. Here are five ways that you can leverage commuting to your benefit.

#1. Street Furniture

The “Lawyer Ad on a Bench” is a well-worn stereotype for a reason. Advertising on street furniture is a sure way to get your business noticed because pedestrians use those rest stops frequently. Street traffic is usually slow, so drivers also have much more time to take in their surroundings. All of those lawyers must be plastering their faces on sidewalk seating for a reason!

Locations where people usually wait for transit are also great places to reach a captive audience. Bus shelter advertising taps into the routine of the daily commute by providing distractions to those waiting patiently for tier ride to work. Marketing at taxi stands is another way to leverage the bustle of morning traffic. The best part about this kind of passive advertising is that your customers come to your marketing by themselves!

#2. Trains and Subways

Train stations and the subway cars that run between them are almost a closed system for advertising. From when they step onto the platform until they leave the turnstiles, they are surrounded by areas perfect for your signage. On average, a commuter will spend 38 minutes on a train or subway, which offers plenty of time to take in your message. With all of those people browsing their phones, some are bound to search for your brand.

#3. Taxis and Busses

Of course, not every commuter is taking the subway. While having bus shelter advertising will grab the attention of sidewalk surfers, marketing to the passengers on the bus itself may get you even more recognition. Some ways you can make public transportation work for you include:

  • Taxi Toppers: Getting your brand on a fleet of taxis will bring it throughout the city. A taxi doesn’t have a pre-defined route, exposing your ad to a broad audience.
  • Ride-Share: Taxis aren’t the only way commuters get around. Uber and Lyft drivers may partner with your business using car toppers, interior ads, or even complete car wraps!
  • Bus Billboards: Combining bus shelter advertising with bus-side advertising can connect your brand with specific locations as commuters travel to their destination.

Contact the local transit authority to get more information on how you can turn public transportation into your own mobile marketing department.

#4. Airport Access

If there’s one place where people are used to wasting time, it’s at airports. While many commuters aren’t in the habit of taking planes to work, a busy city means traffic to and from the airport at a steady pace. Creating advertising in and around airports is a great way to take advantage of people already in a business mindset. These marketing models are especially useful for grabbing the attention of a travel-minded audience.

#5. Mobile Billboards

A giant billboard on the side of a skyscraper will get noticed from anywhere on the street. A mobile billboard driving down the road, braking at each red light and stop sign, is going to get seen a lot more. Mobile billboards offer businesses the opportunity to bring their brand to a wealth of different areas in a big way. In fact, this marketing strategy is so noticeable that over 95% of customers recall what was advertised on mobile billboards, making it one of the most effective advertising methods available!

A mobile billboard takes the side of delivery and transport vehicles and transforms them into moving ad space for your brand. Traditional billboards, train station signs, and bus shelter advertising are static advertising that can get lost in the background as commuters traverse the same paths day in and day out. A mobile billboard grabs people’s attention thanks to its unique nature, standing out in ways that other forms of marketing just can’t.

Signs of the Times

Taking advantage of out-of-home advertising must be a key part of any successful marketing campaign. The road to and home from work can be a perfect opportunity to grab the attention of a captive audience. Whether it’s taking advantage of wait times with bus shelter advertising or taking to the streets through mobile billboards, your business can leverage the morning commute to introduce its brand to whole new audiences. With creative ideas and the right focus, you can turn commuters into conversions by engaging with prospective customers every day!

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