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America, in general, is facing an all-time high in motorization. The motor ownership rate has been increasing since 2010. And this is visible at a higher rate in high-income countries like the US, Canada, etc. It is essential to have strict road laws and enforcement of certain acts when looking at this situation. If you or your loved ones need any consultation for any road accident, connect with Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers, and they will not charge you for consultation.

Some best practices for the legislation in assessing risk factors for road safety are as below:

  1. Seat Belt: It sounds redundant but is essential in protecting the person from serious injuries.
  2. Bike Helmets: Helmets made of good quality and adhering to local recommendations is compulsory for all motorists and passengers.
  3. Minor restraint- Children under a certain age, height, and weight cannot sit in the car’s front seat. Come what may, it is the caregiver’s responsibility not to allow the child to do so.
  4. Speed: Follow the national and local speed limits.
  5. Drink and drive prohibition: Permissible blood alcohol levels for newbie drivers should be different and conservative from the general population driving on the road.
  6. No distraction: Norms to restrict the usage of mobile phones while driving proves to be a good way to prevent accidents.

Motorists should also act responsibly while on the road. They have to follow specific guidelines to ensure the safety of themselves and other road commuters:

  • Motorists should follow lane riding without trying to do cross-lane driving.
  • The motorist should give turn brake signals beforehand.
  • Motorists and any vehicle should strictly follow the local speed limits.
  • Motorists should avoid obstructing the view of other vehicles.
  • Minors should not be allowed to ride.
  • Vehicle safety standards need to be maintained strictly.

Though urban living has increased, living quality life is compromised.

We do not see cyclists and pedestrians on the roads due to speeding vehicles and heavy traffic. It’s no wonder they get to hear many waves of abuse for this behavior and well deserved. 

Country and local authorities should conduct audits of the streets and rule out the possibility of accidents due to infrastructure. Separate pavement for walking and cycling will reduce the chances of any mishaps and improve the overall quality of health.

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