6 dangers of welding steel wok

Steel welding is a job that requires a lot of skill and caution in the work. both to society and to the profession itself The main cause of fire is often when welding steel. This is caused by sparks from welding. and then the sparks come into contact with the fuel itself And the steel welding profession itself is often in danger from welding steel, no less. Which in this article will expose the dangers to the occupation to be aware of further precautions.

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1 1 Dangers of welding steel : Danger from fumes and gases

while welding The fumes are caused by the burning metal and the burning fuel gas. And with very hot heat will cause vapors. The vapors will react with oxygen in the air. Form an oxide that makes it visible from welding. In addition, there are invisible gases such as carbon dioxide, argon, etc., which cause health problems such as respiratory problems that are common among welders.

2 2 Dangers of welding steel : Radiation hazard

Hot metal welding at very high temperatures will cause ultraviolet rays including bright light type and amount of radiation. It depends on the temperature of the substance and the welding method. This ultraviolet radiation reacts with oxygen in the air. Ozone gas, which is harmful to health.

3 dangers of welding steel : danger of noise

Steel welding produces a loud noise. How loud or not very loud depends on the power. The shape and size of Arcs Flames can be as loud as the sound of a jet plane. Of course, exposure to excessive levels of sound can affect hearing. to the loss of the auditory nerve

4 Dangers of welding steel : Danger from fireballs during welding work.

If there are air bubbles inside the molten metal and if the metal continues to heat up it will cause the bubbles to expand and when the pressure is high enough This bubble explodes into a fireball. The fireball that can burn the skin ever. Even worse, if the fireball comes into contact with flammable objects. It can cause a fire. Therefore, it should be kept away from flammable substances or if it cannot be done, a metal screen should be made. Cover flammable substances and keep fire extinguishers close for easy access.

5 Welding hazards : Electrical hazards

Welding equipment is electrical equipment and electrical hazards are something to be aware of. Periodically check the condition of the power cord, equipment and working condition. If a problem is found, fix it immediately. Including the conditions of the working area as well, such as whether the work area has stagnant water or not, etc. If not careful, it may cause an electric shock until it is dangerous to life.

6 Dangers from welding : Danger of accidents while working

Accidents are things that can happen at any time without us being aware of it. And in steel welding is the same. And here are some of the accidents that can happen while doing welding work.

– Skin burns, scabs from hot metal flame or heat radiation

– Small fragments such as fireballs or metal fragments splashed into delicate parts of the body such as eyes, face, etc.

– Splinter from hot metal splashes into the body, such as into the ears or mouth. (very dangerous because it is not only affecting the outside)

– Falling from a height while before building

To reduce accidents while working, so ask friends. Work carefully and conscientiously by strictly following the rules Always wear protective gear and check work equipment for safety.

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