6 days Andaman and Nicobar Islands Packages

Andaman is ideally suited for a romantic getaway in the laps of mesmerizing beaches surrounded by thick mangroves. An area adorned with gleaming white beach, Turquoise Ocean, and beautiful corals are a visual feast. Walk hand in hand with your friends and family to explore the marine treasures and experience the most breathtaking sunsets and sunrises that will calm your soul. Embark on this fantastic 6-day journey for the ultimate romance break.

The Andaman Islands include a beachfront where you may relax, sunbathe, and participate in a variety of exciting water sports activities. The Elegant 6-day Andaman trip package is a well-planned tour designed to provide you with an unforgettable vacation. Andaman is an excellent spot to unwind, away from the stresses of urban life.

The Highlights of the Itinerary 

  • It includes a visit to Radhanagar Beach,
  • Snorkelling at Elephant Beach
  • A light and sound display within the Cellular Jail
  • Coral reefs with abundant sea life and relaxation at Bharatpur and Laxmanpur Beaches.
  • A soothing experience on the beaches of Havelock, Port Blair, Neil and Ross Island.

Detailed Itinerary 

  • Day 1- Arrival- Port Blair 

Port Blair is the only airbase from which you can travel to the Andaman Islands. It’s not the most fascinating or attractive location, but it’s required for landing and transit to smaller islands.

So ideally you will be arriving at the airport in the morning/afternoon.

Hereafter you will have to look for accommodation if you have not opted for any third party tour packages which include hotels. The prime tourist hub hotels are in Port Blair is Foreshore Road, Aberdeen Bazaar, Goal Ghar, Junglighat etc.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach 

You can start your move from a breathtaking trip to Corbyn’s Cove Beach- 6 km from Port Blair town, this coconut-palm lined beach is great for swimming and sunbathing. There are amenities such as a hotel, cafe, bar, and adventurous water sports. On the route to this beach, historical relics such as Japanese bunkers may be viewed.

Cellular Jail 

As you are done with the beach there is more excitement, fun and patriotism ahead- The cellular jail and its light and sound show. This three-story jail, built by Britishers in 1906, is a popular pilgrimage site for liberation fighters.

Chidiya Tapu- The sunset point 

If time allows, Chidiya Tapu, commonly known as “Sunset Point” in Port Blair, the main tourist centre of the Andaman Islands, is a great place to see the sun setting or dusk. The walk from Chidya tapu beach to Munda pahad is a beautiful trek through coastal trees with beautiful sandy beaches through the greenery.

  • Day 2 and 3 in the Havelock Island

Next day after breakfast. You can reach Havelock Island in Andaman on a ferry or cruise. During the journey, take in the sights of Andaman, which are adorned with coconut trees. We recommend that at least 2 days is the bare minimum to explore the Havelock whole-heartedly manner.

Havelock Island is a fairly tiny island with just three roads and three public beaches! Having said that, you will have no trouble navigating the region even without phones or GPS. But there is a lot to explore on the three beaches i.e.

Elephant, Kalapathar and Radhanagar beach.

Radhanagar Beach

A visit to Radhanagar beach in the dusk, if not for the whole day, is a must for the spectacular view of the sun beating down. Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island is one of the world’s top ten beaches. It is easily accessible from everywhere on the island and is around 12 kilometres from Havelock Shore Harbor. it truly boasts some of the purest water in the world!

Elephant Beach – Ideal beach for sporting

Elephant Beach is a remote beach with crystal clear blue waves and sweet white sand. Ancient trees throw a lot of shadows, and some ancient ones are laying near the shoreline, adding to the enchantment of the place. It is vital to carry your own snorkelling equipment since the underwater environment is very wonderful. It may get crowded, especially during sea-walking and snorkelling trips, but everyone can discover their isolated location.

Kalapathar Beach 

If you still find something missing and have time to explore further, Kalapathar Beach, located in the southern part of Havelock Island, is the second greatest beach. On your route there, you’ll travel through the “main area,” which contains the majority of the hotels, restaurants, and small stores.

  • Day-4 Moving to the Neil Island 

After 2 days of exploration at Havelock, it is time for Neil Island

Neil Island noted for its remarkable biodiversity, untouched coral reefs, beautiful sandy beaches, and tropical woods, is ideal for a relaxing vacation. This island is only 13.7 square kilometres in size.

Neil may be cycled about with little effort due to the flat terrain and compact size. The island’s laid-back ambience and obvious appeal set it apart from its neighbouring Havelock. This trip visits three of Neil Island’s natural beauties. The 3 Point Tour is a tour to Bharatpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, and Laxmanpur.

The day begins with a visit to either the Geological Rock Formation or the Bharatpur Beach, continues to the next point, and concludes with a glimpse of the sun setting at the beautiful Lakshmanpur Beach. This is frequently ideal for those staying the day on Neil Island. This is occasionally joined with the dawn beach, also known as Sitapur Beach.

Nature Bridge is something you don’t want to miss – Visit this spot after lunch or in the evening because the seawater flows in and surrounds the approach to the natural bridge.

  • Day-5 The North Bay and Ross island 

Now if you believe that you have seen everything then you are incorrect. There is a lot more left in the North Bay.

Ross Island is a small yet intriguing island with several ruins that have been reclaimed by nature. It’s breathtaking to see plants winding their roots around crumbling structures! The perimeter of Ross Island can be walked in less than an hour, which is roughly how much period you have to observe. North bay is a water sporting hub that offers snorkelling and scuba diving and from here you can start wrapping off your bags for a return to Port Blair.

  • Day-6 Departure  

After a lovely breakfast, proceed to the hotel to checkout. You will then leave for the airport long before your scheduled departure time to ensure that you arrive on time. Return home with a slew of happy recollections and everlasting memories with your partner or family.

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