6 Questions to Ask When Viewing a Rental Property in London

Among the hundreds of towns and boroughs in the whole of England and the UK, London is one place that never fails to grab the attention of new residents or people from across the globe. Individuals go on gander across different neighbourhoods till they find the perfect place to call home. Many people prefer renting a home to purchasing it for all the affordability factors surrounding it. The rental market has been in high demand since last year’s recovery from the property crunch and the economic crisis.

With the current pace, the demand for rental properties will only grow enormously in the coming years. Property owners, however, have more perks this time, followed by drawbacks lurking around the corner. It could seem challenging for owners to handle their work life, family as well as cope with the entire rental matters in the long term. Knightsbridge letting agents can effortlessly help the busy landowners in overseeing their property and more. Renters must have a clear idea about rental terms and ask the necessary questions before finalising the property.

  • What is included in the rental costs?

Property rents are charged monthly for apartments, detached or period homes. Many landlords include all the bills like electricity, utilities, telephone, broadband etc., for apartments and other property types. However, properties in London seldom follow this method. Owners in London charge additional fees apart from the usual rents. Based on the council tax band location of the apartment, these charges vary in different regions. Properties located in the central location have jaw-dropping levels of fees that might seem on the higher end for most tenants. 

  • What is the neighbourhood like?

When choosing a locality to move into, people would not get detailed information on the web. Besides the property, the neighbourhood plays a significant role in the everyday lives of the tenants. Several factors like safety levels, emerging commercial projects, nearby amenities like healthcare, schools, grocery shops etc., must be considered. Office goers in London prefer taking the public transport like tube stations to avoid the busy and clumsy roadways. Easy access to bus stops and tube networks ìis another significant point to keep in mind when hunting for rental properties in any part of London.

  • Who lets and manages the property?

In recent years, people are fully occupied with their professional life, and they do not have time to intervene or monitor other matters that do not top their priority list. Landowners who are busy and are new to the rental market will take the help of letting agents in Marylebone manage the property for let throughout the tenancy. The main question is who should the tenant approach if any issue like minor or complex repairs arises. Collecting the rent and operating as a primary point of contact is what letting agents do while landlords sort the paramount concerns. 

  • Does the landlord hold property insurance?

It is necessary to have an insurance plan for the property to protect the house and everything inside it. A typical homeowners insurance covers damage caused to the property by rough weather, fire accidents or theft. A home insurance plan will fulfil the requirements of both tenant and the landlord. With property insurance, tenants can live in the house without anything to worry about. However, they must apply for content insurance to secure their belongings like cutlery, clothes, electrical appliances and other valuables which are not covered by the owner’s insurance plan. 

  • Is the boiler in perfect working condition?

Every house comes with a boiler and radiators for heating purposes. Most of the time, boilers fail to function suitably or burst all of a sudden due to several reasons. It is better to have a combi boiler where hot water directly flows through the taps. Tenants shall enquire with the landlords regarding regular servicing and the current condition of the boiler installed in the house. In case the boiler fails midway, owners should make sure to provide a backup option like space heaters or immersion heaters till the boiler is fixed and is fit to use.

  • Can we rearrange the property?

Tenants moving into a property, either furnished or unfurnished, would like to personalise their living space according to their tastes. Not many landlords would mind allowing their tenants to make minor adjustments to the house. However, tenants must assure the property owners that the house will be returned back in the same condition, even if it requires rearranging the furniture entirely or repainting the place. To save this chore, using special glues and stickers will cause minimal damage to the property. Some landlords do not entertain any kind of decorations to the house. These matters must be discussed with them before deciding to rent the property. Doing anything against the landlord’s rules will only lead to unnecessary problems.

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