6 Simple Steps For Better Lock Maintenance

If we think about the top three items we use the most at home, you will inevitably have to add locks.  We may not notice it but it is actually such a common interaction that it goes unnoticed, but like any other object, locks need maintenance. 

Sometimes we may notice that the lock sticks, rattles, or works less and less. And while it is always good to have the contact of a trusted locksmith to give us the best advice regarding the basic security of our home (In this case the locks), there are a few small tips we can follow to fix them on our own or at least increase their lifespan. 

 Make sure the door hangs properly

Sometimes without noticing it, we hit our doors, we lock them in a very abrupt way and this can move even a few centimeters, which could affect the operation of the lock in a correct way. So we recommend that if you have not done it in detail, take a few minutes to check the dimensions of your door.

Check the bolts and door brackets.

This could be said to be a follow up to the previous step, we recommend that you look at the bolts that attach the top hinge to the frame. Sometimes these tend to rust or become damaged over time and decrease the weight resistance of the door.

Sometimes you need to replace them so that the lock can function properly at its space limit. 

Checking the lock and deadbolt

Latches are a basic element that provides the security of modern locks, but if it is not in perfect condition or aligned in a good way with the deadbolt, there is a possibility that it will open by itself even without needing the key. 

In this case, the best thing you can do is to call a locksmith to check, as it is an internal examination that should be done in order to make sure that you are not going to have an accident with your home that is incited by a problem with your lock. 

 Cleaning Door Locks

Believe it or not, locks also need to be dusted from time to time in order to continue to function properly. So take some mild liquid soap, dilute it in water, and wipe it down wherever the lock will allow. Try not to use very aggressive disinfectants or they can easily damage your door, as well as your lock. 

Take care of the inside of your lock by oiling it every year.

The outside of the lock is clean, but is the inside maintained? One of the most important, but overlooked, maintenance factors is lubricating door locks.

 Copying keys from the original

And last but not least, it is critical to take care of yourself and the integrity of your home that you have an extra key. Because the originals rust, bend, get damaged, and you need something that will last. So for your security, always try to have a copy of the key made by a professional locksmith that allows you quality.

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