7 Best Game Server Hosting Platforms for Everyone

Just like our daily life, the world of online gaming is changing too, and for this, we need to have powerful computing facilities. But no need to worry; computing today is cheap. This is because it is not limited to your house with a traditional computer or a gaming console. Today you are not stuck in playing alone or having your friends over to have a mFFultiplayer game physically.

Video gaming has evolved into a widespread social commitment and activity where individuals can meet online, make their teams, and start the game war. However, to host such games, a dedicated game server is essential to have a smooth gaming experience without any game crashes.

Here we have lined up some of the top game server hosting platforms that can make your gaming experience everlasting;


HostHavoc is known to be the leading hosting platform for games that belong to midrange or large gaming centers and public servers. It is a standard solution for all gaming-related issues. The game servers here offer incredible features and specialized tools that are managed simultaneously and other game updates.

The platforms enable you to select from more than 25 various games from its collection. HostHavoc comes with a well-equipped control panel and servers that provide high-end security.


This is another popular server in the world of gaming server hosts. ScalaCube gives its servers rent-like options, including ARK, Minecraft, Hytale, and Rust. It also comes with absolutely free traffic without any invasion. The server traffic stays within the prime bandwidth no matter the volume upstream or downstream.

Moreover, it also allows you to select from SSD or HDD storage options for the gaming server as per your need. However, SSD is preferable as it offers ten times more speed and convenient access to data.


OVHcloud is known for being stable and delivering incredible performance when it comes to online gaming. This server is famous for offering multiple software programs and games like Counter-Strike, Mumble, Minecraft, TeamSpeak, Rust, Ark, L4D2, Arma, and Garry’s Mod.

The robust game servers come with the top best firewalls; it is a perfect option to deal with high-end tasks, has viable servers. They also offer features like image and video processing, multiplayer gaming zones, etc.

Citadel Servers

We all want to play games without any hassle of the game being crashed or lags disrupting our performance, right? Well, Citadel servers come to our rescue for this very purpose. Whether it’s about the quality of the server, its reliability, or performance status, this hosting service provides all such features and makes the gaming experience worthwhile.

Citadel servers offer various games like Killing Floor 2, ARK, Counter-Strike Source, Sniper Elite 3, Minecraft, Sandbox, Interstellar Rift, and many more. It provides 24/7 network security and anti-DDoS protection too. Their data centers are located in more than 20 locations through four continents to ensure that participants counter minimum lag.

GTX Gaming

This hosting service is a UK-based company that was founded in 2007. It has around 70,000 users and a vast collection of supported games. It is famous for being one of the significant game hosts.

It also allows you to switch between different games or run multiple games simultaneously on one account.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides the most uncomplicated server management without negatively affecting the performance. By hosting a game on this platform, you can have an endless experience/. The game servers of this platform can run games at speeds as high as 3.8GHz.

Geographical location isn’t an issue for your gaming partners because the host server has its servers in around 24 regions, including more than 200 countries, and all of them are connected through a high-end network. Google Cloud also provides a personalized auto-scaling as per gaming needs; it has a control panel that efficiently facilitates server management.

Amazon GameLift

Last but not least is Amazon GameLift which is a perfect option for multiplayer game series. This hosting server offers features like monitoring the game server, removing unfit ones, securing the system effectively, etc. The game server has its base in around 15 regions across five continents to make sure that uptime is high and service flows smoothly.

Amazon GameLift also examines available servers constantly so that connections can be built. Whether you prefer multiplayer or single game, they ensure the service is fast.

Moreover, under this server, you are only supposed to pay for the resources you are using and enjoy additional features like quick data transfer, top-most VMs, and SSD-based storage; all this is provided without monthly compensation.

These are some of the top game hosting platforms that can make your gaming experience hassle-free and smooth.

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