8 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Posho Grinder in Kenya

Purchasing a posho mill is an excellent idea, especially in remote places where the grain harvest is readily available. But knowing what determines the machine’s price is significant before making that decision. Read about the factors influencing the cost of an electric posho mill.

People have used posho mills for many years to convert grains into flour. But as technology evolves, many improved versions of the machine have come into existence. The emergence of electric posho mills has made grain grinding easier than ever before. That’s because it has replaced the old and laborious manual process.

Availability of power line

Most electric mills are not portable. They need to have access to electricity lines. So if you live in areas where the cost of electricity is high compared to other countries, then your mill may cost you more money than you can afford.

The capacity of the equipment

The size of the equipment determines how many products it can produce per unit of time. The larger the capacity, the higher the price of the equipment. But if it’s too big, it becomes impractical, and you might lose a lot of ground space.

Energy consumption

A suitable quality mill uses less energy per unit of product produced than a cheap one. That means that mill owners who use other energy sources such as solar panels or diesel spend less money. Yet those who use electricity pay more. Energy consumption is one of the most significant determinants of electric posho mill prices in Kenya.

Financing options

Financing options are also essential to consider when purchasing an electric posho mill. The reason is that the machine requires significant upfront investments. Specific posho mills require several parts ordered at the same time. Overall, this increases the cost of the device. That means you may need other financing options to help you pay back the entire piece of equipment.

Quality of the machine

The quality of the electric posho mill makes a difference in how powerful the final product will be. Some high-quality mills are much more expensive than others, but they will cost less per gram. This means you can save money if you buy higher-quality equipment. Also, the better the quality, the longer they last.


When a posho mill is used for many years, it’s likely to have some broken parts that need repair. This includes a motor, belts, and other moving parts. When these parts break down, they might require replacement. A good quality posho mill is built well enough to prevent breaking down over time.

The grinding process

Electric posho mills use different grinding processes to convert grains into flour. Many of these machines use roller mills in the grinding process. But other procedures are involved in flour production. That determines the price of the mill and the quality of flour produced to a great extent.

Investing in an electric posho mill is a fantastic idea since the cost of processed flour keeps changing every day. But to break even in the industry, you need to understand some of the factors that may make or break your dream of owning a posho mill business.

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