8 Hacks To Save Money In Pool Heaters

In an ideal world, your pool heater would pay for itself in a few months and stay warm for decades without a hitch. But the truth is, pool heaters can be costly to run and sometimes prone to failure. Make sure you get the best benefit from your pool heater by following these simple hacks.

1. Installing a Pool Heat Pump

Pool heat pumps are often cheaper than heating systems that use gas or electric heat. They don’t require constant maintenance, and they usually last 10 to 20 years. Some models even come with warranties. A heat pump in a pool works like a central air conditioning system. It turns on at night and off during the day using electricity.

2. Use a Solar Heater

If you live in a warmer climate, installing a solar-powered pool heater could save you money. Instead of paying for energy to power a pool heater, it will generate its own. You’ll spend less monthly on electricity, and you won’t have to deal with high utility bills. The unit uses sunlight to create steam which circulates through fins inside the pool.

3. Use a Thermostatic Tankless Water Heater

A thermostatic tankless water heater heats your entire pool simultaneously instead of just one section or tile. It keeps the temperature uniform throughout the pool. It saves time because the user doesn’t have to wait until the tiles reach their desired temperature before continuing to swim or relax.

4. Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient lighting is easy to install and also cuts down your energy bill when left running all day long. If you’re not home 24/7, turn them off. If you leave lights on overnight, try setting timers or consider motion sensors, so they only turn themselves off while nobody’s around.

5. Maintain Your Filter System

You’ve probably already heard this tip. Still, it bears repeating: Cleaning out your filter can help your pool heater function better. When dirty filters clog, they stop working as efficiently. This ultimately leads to higher utility expenses. For best results, change your filter about every six months.

6. Prevent Leaks

Leaks can cause severe damage to both your pool heater and your family’s health. Make sure there are no cracks or holes where water can enter the walls of your house. Check for signs of leaks around windows or doors and look for any signs of mold and other bacteria. And if you notice a leak, call a professional immediately.

7. Regular Pool Maintenance

While some pools and heaters may need regular maintenance, others do fine without it. It’s always better to prevent problems than cure them. Regularly check your heater and clean your filter to ensure everything’s operating correctly. Keep an eye on the chlorine and pH levels to make sure they’re set at optimal levels. Don’t forget to test the temperature in different sections of your pool area.

8. Use an Automatic Timer

Automatic timers automatically shut off your pool heater after a certain amount of time. Even better, they shut the heater off once people finish swimming and get out of the water. They keep everyone safe by preventing overheating and saving energy.

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