8 Simple Guidelines to wear Socks Perfectly like a Pro

For years, we have only heard that grooming is important for women, but it is not true; males also need to take care of their grooming. If you want to be a gentleman and look classy, then one of the aspects where you need to pay attention to is your socks. It is small, but people notice it a lot, and many people first notice the person’s socks.

When it comes to mens fashion, socks play an important role, and thus it is inevitable that every man gives equal importance to socks as they give to other clothing.

We have seen many men pay a lot of attention to their shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and other clothes but pay little importance to their socks. Here, the men make mistakes because they think no one will notice the socks; thus, one can avoid them, which is not true.

There are many types of socks nowadays that you can try and pair with your clothes, and one of the most popular ones is dress socks, which you can try with appropriate clothing.

In this piece of content, we will give you some rules or guidelines that will help you pair your socks best.

Easy sock etiquettes from experts

1. Every sock has an occasion.

As you keep different outfits for different occasions, every sock has an event to wear similarly. We will make your work easy – keep vibrant and solid colors like navy blue, black, and gray for the formal look.

Never use printed socks for business and formal events. Your formal look must be decent and professional.

2. Dress socks are a real thing.

Try to buy dress socks and pair them with your dress clothes and shoes. Select light-weight or calf-length socks of proper color combination. One can select wool socks or cotton fabric socks. Try to pair dark color socks with the dress shoes.

3. Don’t do skin show in formal attire.

People don’t know the exact size when it comes to the length of the sock, and they wonder which is the perfect length of socks for the formal outfit. When you wear formal attire in the office and show your skin, it will look unprofessional and bad. Thus, we suggest you use calf-length socks that won’t reveal your skin.

If you wear calf-length socks, you have no chance of showing off your skin, giving a decent look to you.

Solid-colored socks are not in trend so much, and thus, you can try multi-color stripped or printed socks.

4. Use white socks for the gym.

If you are using white socks everywhere, try to avoid this practice and keep the white socks only for recreational activities.

Since these socks are thicker than dress socks and made for leisure, you should never wear them with formal pants.

Try to wear the white socks to the gym; they are a perfect suit for the gym.

5. Don’t match the color of the socks with the shoes.

One basic rule of wearing socks is not to match the color of your socks with the shoes. However, you can try different shade colors with the boot and socks. Nowadays, the socks come in plenty of shades; you can try some of them.

6. Avoid rolling the socks.

Rolling the socks is the worst mistake because if you roll them, it looks very unpleasant. Rolling your socks will also make your legs look bulky. You can get socks in various sizes in the market, so why roll? Just buy your suitable size.

7. Never wear socks with holes.

Everything ages with time, and so do your socks; thus, the socks may even get holes. And when your socks get holes, then never wear those socks.

You may get a question about who will look under my shoes, but if you need to remove the boots, those socks will get exposed, and you may get embarrassed. Sometimes wearing socks with holes may affect your confidence, so avoid making this mistake.

8. Avoid donning socks with shorts.

Many people mistake wearing socks for shorts, which is a bad practice. Wearing socks with shorts will only look odd and make you look funny.

If you have a habit of wearing socks with shoes, then whenever you wear shorts, wear no-show socks.


In conclusion, we would say that socks are an important element of fashion. If you don’t pair your socks properly, it can affect your overall look, and thus it is important to pay attention to your socks. You can follow the above guidelines for pairing the socks and leveling your look.

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