9 Reasons to Consider Old School Sticker Marketing

Here are 9 Reasons to Consider Old School Sticker Marketing:

1. Reach More People –

On average car stickers are seen by more than 500 people per day. They last for months and show up everywhere you go, spreading your message as you drive.

2. You Can’t Miss Them –

Cars with car stickers can’t be avoided, they’re out there 3 to 4 times longer than most billboards and is the number one tool used by businesses worldwide to promote their products and services 24/7/365 at a very low cost compared to other forms of print media! Car stickers also don’t have competition from any other form of advertising which yields greater results.

3. Stand Out From Your Competition –

Car stickers allow you to break through the noise competing car dealers create so that car buyers can hear your car dealer message.

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4. Save Money –

Car stickers are a cheap car advertising alternative to car wraps and car magnets which can cost thousands of dollars per month for car dealerships who wish to advertise on cars that belong to car buyers. Car stickers don’t require any special equipment or tools other than an Exacto knife, permanent marker or scissors. They’re applied in seconds and removed just as fast!

5. Drive Traffic from Your Site to Your Store –

Car stickers allow you to drive car buyers straight from your site/online ad directly to your car lot so car shoppers can take advantage of your online specials while picking up their new car at the same time! Imagine driving 1,000+ car buyers every day to your car dealership!

6. Get Noticed –

Because car stickers stay on car windows car buyers can’t miss even a single letter of the message promoting your car dealer so they get noticed by more car shoppers than other methods of car advertising combined – bar none!!

7. 100% Guaranteed To Work –

Car stickers have been used successfully by car dealers around the world for decades because it’s very easy to track their effectiveness, either you pick up car buyers or you don’t and that’s it in a nutshell! No guesswork involved in tracking results with car stickers, but there is one drawback; car dealers usually run out of car stickers when promotion time comes due to lack of planning and foresight by management which leads me to my next car dealer reason for using car stickers…

8. Car Stickers Can Be Used Year-Round –

Car dealers can’t always predict car dealer promotions but car sticker promotions are virtually unlimited and car sticker car advertising allows car dealers to create car specials on the fly which is why car dealers who use car stickers run out of car ads all the time! This leads into my last car dealer reason for using car stickers…

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9. Have Fun –

Car stickers provide fun, entertainment and excitement at the dealership which leads to more sales because people like doing business with people they like.


Can car stickers be used on any car?

Car dealers who ask this question are asking the wrong car dealer who is probably rolling down car window and car door handles which can damage car stickers. Car stickers should only be applied to car windows, never car doors or car mirrors because car stickers will last for months or more if not subjected to high heat or sharp objects.

How long do car sticker ads last on a car?

Car sticker messages usually start fading after 90 days which gives you the advantage of changing the message at any time you wish! If your first set of messages fades out simply reorder another set! After 90 days they’re practically free compared to other forms of car advertising there’s no way to change car dealer car ads which car sticker car advertising provides car dealers.

Do car stickers work on all cars?

If car dealer wishes to advertise only on newer model vehicles because older cars have faded paint and don’t have a flat smooth surface car stickers won’t work as well as they could otherwise, but the advantages of using car stickers far outweigh this one drawback for most car dealers who use car stickers.

How much do car sticker car ads cost?

Car sticker car advertising is based upon how many car dealerships wish to purchase at a given time. It’s usually less than 1/4 the price of other forms of print media because it can be used 24/7 365 days a year without competition from other forms.


Car sticker car advertising is one of the oldest car dealer forms of car advertising there are no mistakes car dealers can make when using car stickers if car dealers follow car sticker car marketing advice because all car dealers have to do is pick up the phone and call an expert car dealer marketing consultant for car marketing advice or order car stickers online.

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