Being hurt in a work-related accident can be devastating. Work-related accidents like brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, exposure to toxic substances, etc., can potentially flip your life upside down, and the recovery journey can be challenging. Thankfully Arizona workers’ compensation law gives employees the right to file a claim for compensation after a workplace-related accident. Here is more to help you understand more.

What is the purpose of worker’s compensation insurance?

If you get a work-related injury, you have the right to file a claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance to get compensation for your losses. It can pay for your hospital and medical expenses and the missed wages you will incur while recovering. This is the initial route for obtaining compensation for your losses. Workers’ comp settlement aims to reinstate injured employees in their jobs. If you were wounded at work, you ought to utilize it.

What to do after a work accident

You must inform your employer of the occurrence as soon as you become injured. They need to be informed about the accident and any injuries if any. They will almost certainly create an accident report, which will be recorded in your file. This is a crucial initial step in any instance if you are requesting workers’ compensation since it starts the formal documentation procedure.

After your accident, receiving the necessary medical care is the most crucial thing you should do. If you wait to see a doctor, your injuries can worsen, so you must take care of your health. If you don’t seek care quickly, the insurance provider might suspect that you exaggerated your injuries or how seriously you were wounded, which might prohibit you from receiving the benefits you need.

Must I file the claim?

After you sustain a severe workplace injury, many problems may arise. You might discover that you require operations or that you cannot perform the same type of work that you formerly did. What workers’ compensation does for you is that it makes it possible for you to receive the medical care you require without worrying about the cost.

Workers’ compensation will pay for your physical rehabilitation if you need it for six months. A workers’ compensation claim should be made if you require serious surgery. Most of the time, workers’ compensation covers even your pharmaceutical expenditures. In some cases, you could even be able to receive travel reimbursement for your medical treatments.

What is my eligibility for worker’s compensation?

According to Arizona law, you are entitled to workers’ compensation if you have an occupational injury while working for a firm with more than one full- or part-time employee. Your company will pay a premium that, if any claims arise for workers’ compensation, will cover them.

The bottom line

Usually, it won’t matter how you were wounded or if it was someone’s fault. In Arizona, you are almost always entitled to workers’ compensation if you are injured in the workplace.

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