A detailed review of IFX bonus program

IFX brokers is a fairly popular broker in South Africa. Since it was established in the first decade of the 21st century. We have observed all kinds of traders using IFX brokers as their primary broker.

The IFX brokers’ bonus program has caught a lot of attention in the Forex trading market. New traders are concerned about and the legitimacy of the bonus program of IFX brokers. 

In our detailed review, you will find all the answers you have been looking forward to. So, stick around till the end. Also, make sure to visit IFX brokers to find the latest information about the broker and its bonus program. 

IFX brokers information 

IFX brokers has always been a successful broker in South Africa since its launch. However, over the past few years, there has been a sudden spike in the number of people using Forex trading to make money. Hence, the broker market has gotten tough to survive for existing brokers. 

To stay relevant and gain the business of new traders, brokers are often seeing offering a bonus scheme. The bonus programs are a very smart way to get new traders and expand your business. 

IFX brokers bonus deals 

IFX brokers is currently offering two different types of bonuses. 

  1. Sign-up / Deposit bonus
  2. Referral bonus 

Sign-up / Deposit bonus 

The sign-up or deposit bonus by IFX brokers is the standard broker bonus program. We often see this type of bonus offered by South African brokers such as Exness, etc. However, several things are different in the IFX brokers program that we will explain.

The eye-catching thing about IFX brokers’ deposit bonus program is that it offers new traders a 100 percent return on deposit values. New traders can apply for this bonus offer. If you already have an account with IFX brokers, you can’t get the deposit bonus. 

The new users can sign-up, and after successfully opening an account, they can request a bonus. 

  • Go to IFX brokers sign-up page
  • Provide the required information
  • Verify your account
  • Wait for approval of verification 
  • Deposit funds into the account
  • Apply for the bonus.

A trader can request the sign-up bonus within three months. 

The verification process is simple. It is just in place to prevent one person from making several accounts and requesting the bonus amount. 

The deposit method is also simple and standard. 

  • Go to the deposit funds section in your IFX account
  • Select a deposit method
  • Deposit funds

IFX brokers accepts all the standard deposit methods such as bank accounts, credit cards, etc. 


The one big problem with IFX brokers’ deposit program is the deposit limit. Yes, you do get a 100 percent bonus. However, you are not very likely to receive any amount of bonus unless you are depositing 250 USD. However, if you deposit money over 1000 USD, you will not receive any bonus over 100 USD. 

Final Word 

IFX brokers is offering a very attractive bonus offer for a new trader. However, it requires a very high amount of deposit amount. Hence, we recommend that don’t you shift to IFX brokers solely based on their bonus program. 

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