A Guide to Moving to NYC: Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving

New York City – the most diverse, the most expensive, and dynamic city in the world attracts many people each year to live. However, your experience of this city depends on you. You can make you’re moving to NYC easy if you learn about some facts before moving. If you are pondering about moving to NYC, you should follow this guide to moving to NYC and be prepared mentally to move.

Let’s discuss all the things briefly!

New York City in a Glimpse

NYC is a busy city. Life here is fast, and you’ll come across the hustle and bustle all the time here. But, before moving to NYC, have a look at the recent stats of the city:

  • Population – 8.39 million
  • Median 1-bedroom apartment price – $3,150/month
  • Cost of living – 84% more than the national average
  • Average salary – $77,000/yr

Points to Keep in Mind before Moving to NYC

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind before moving to NYC:

  1. Try to find a job, home, and an excellent educational institute before moving so that you may not face hardships
  2. Finding friends there can be a little bit hard, so try to find early
  3. NYC is expensive – expensive food, apartments, taxes, and retails
  4. Check rent price trends in New York and try to look for an apartment that suits your budget
  5. Be ready to pay brokers
  6. Moving alone is not easy; most probably, you’ll require a roommate in NYC
  7. Know how to get around the whole city
  8. Sometimes you may have to walk so try to learn to walk fastly
  9. Learn to admire Hyperlocal culture if you want to live there peacefully
  10. You will notice wealth everywhere like in head to the Upper East Side the average household earning is $311,109 \ year
  11. New Yorkers are very hardworking
  12. It demands a lot of time to get somewhere due to traffic
  13. Be readied to downsize – Consider down-sizing 75% of what you own
  14. New Yorkers are rushed, not rude
  15. Sometimes you may require a storage unit
  16. You’ll find NYC an incredible city to raise your kids perfectly
  17. NYC is an explorers dream
  18. It certainly is a 24-hour city
  19. Stay patient, and it may take some time to fall in love with NYC and get addicted to living there
  20. NYC is the land of chance and opportunities
  21. You have to learn to take a stand for yourself – know to say “no”
  22. You have to pay for quality – particularly for food
  23. Try to avoid times square at any cost
  24. NYC is not like that as it seems in movies
  25. The manner of your dressing is all about fashion and function
  26. You can avail public transportation to go anywhere, so the car is not needed
  27. You’ll have these things must:
  • Good walking shoes
  • Warm coat
  • Reliable rain jacked
  • Noise-canceling headphones


Shifting from one place to the other is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind, as discussed earlier. There are different neighborhoods in NYC,  so for example, if you’re looking for rooms in the Bronx, make sure to research the place to see if it would fit with your needs. Hopefully, you’ll find this guide to moving to NYC helpful. By keeping these things in mind before moving, maybe you don’t get homesick. You can also take help from movers to relocate. Read more about MissQGemini.

Good luck!

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