All You Need to Know About Pressure Washing Machine in Kenya

When buying the best performing pressure washing machine for your various needs, acknowledge that its power evaluates the type of tasks it can facilitate. The pressure output is measured in PSI (pounds per square inches), and volume of water in GPM (Gallons Per Minute).

A pressure washing machine ranked with a high GPM and PSI cleans faster and better but is usually more expensive than lower-ranked units. There are various kinds of this machine and their prices vary accordingly. The most efficient and powerful one is a heavy-duty pressure washing machine. Belowis the information on the pressure washing machine:

Types of Pressure Washing Machine

They are light-duty, medium-duty, heavy medium, and commercial. Light duty is suitable for smaller tasks and they have a rating of 1899PSIat nearly ½ GPM. Medium duty pressure washing machines produce between 1900-2788 PSI at 1-3 GPM. Heavy-dutymachines generate 2800 PSI at approximately 2 GPM.

Pressure Washing Machine Nozzles

Nozzles and settings include: yellow nozzle (15 degrees) meant for heavy-duty washing, red nozzle (0 degrees) is highly powerful and concentrated setting for the nozzle, green nozzle (25 degrees) meant for general washing, white nozzle (40 degrees) meant for boats, vehicles, easily demolished surfaces, and Patio furniture, black nozzle (65 degrees) meantfor applying soap.

High Power of Cleaning

Its pure copper pump has pistons; yielding a combined high pressure and flow leading to high power of cleaning. The nozzle can be adjusted while adhering to the required pressure. Utilize the GPM and PSI ratings in determining the power of cleaning of a certain pressure washing machine.GPM and PSI are essential components

Usage of the Machine

Using a pressure washing machine relies on what you are cleaning. For appropriate use; go through the instructions in the manual. Ensure you acknowledge how to turn it off quickly and release the pressure. Always settle on a particular stable ground. Wear eye and ear protection. Use an appropriate spray setting correct nozzle at the recommended distance.

Automatic Pump the Motor Stop

When pressed the triggle starts to spray and when released the triggle stops spraying. This reduces water and electricity consumption. This also helps in easing the cleaning while enhancing the efficiency of the machine on the other hand. This feature is important when evaluating pressure washing machine price in Kenya.

Additional Features of Pressure Washing Machine

They are as follows; cc (Cubic Centimeters), Axial Cam and Triplex pumps, Tips for Interchangeable Nozzle, Adjustable Wands, Rotating Nozzles, Detergent Tanks (onboard), Detergent or Chemical Injection, Thermal Relief and Unloaders. Go through the manual for extra details of these additional features.


Any person looking for appropriate information on pressure washing machine should take advantage of this article. Details of pressure washing machine that have been explained above are realistic; therefore you should have them in mind while purchasing your desired pressure washing machine at any recognized shop.

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