All you need to know about the maize sheller machine

Are you a large-scale maize farmer? What method do you use to shell your maize once you harvest them? Apart from the traditional methods of shelling maize, technologies have come up with new methods one can use to shell their maize faster and efficiently. Read through this article to find out one of the machines embraced by many farmers today in shelling their maize.

There are many methods farmers can use to shell the maize they have harvested. Before the introduction of machinery, farmers used their hands to shell their maize. The process was long and tedious. Today farmers can at least put a smile on their faces thanks to the new technology. Farmers enjoy the use of maize shelling machines since it is faster and more effective compared to other traditional methods. Continue reading through this article to learn more about a maize sheller machine.

What is a maize sheller machine?

Maize sheller machines are types of machines that are used by maize farmers to shell maize after the harvest. Comparedto traditional methods of shelling maize, the maize sheller machine is more efficient and faster. maize sheller machines are of different types. Some of them are electricity-dependent while others use fuel. The maize sheller machine pricedepends on the type of machine a farmer wants to purchase.

How to ensure a maize shelling machine lasts for longer periods

Since the maize shelling machine is a bit expensive, one should consider embracing the following factors to guarantee the durability of the machine:

  • Purchase your machine from a reliable retailer or manufacturer

Since many companies make maize shelling machines, farmers are strongly advised to seek guidance from experts before purchasing these machines. Most farmers opt for cheap machines but forget that “cheap is expensive.”Although maize sheller machine price Kenya is a bit expensive, farmers should learn to spend some more coins if it is worth doing so to purchase quality machines.

  • Proper corresponding power handling techniques

Each maize shelling machine is made in a way that power is regulated according to the workload and the size of the machine. Some farmers destroy their machines by increasing the motor power above the recommended power. When you increase the engine power of your maize shelling machine, you may subject it to early damages such as loosening its fasteners. Therefore, farmers should try to avoid increasing the motor power than the recommended power.

  • Lubrication of the machine

One of the vital thing farmers should do to ensure the durability of the maize sheller machine is to ensure it is lubricated. These machines are prone to friction; therefore, farmers should ensure that these machines are greased at least twice a month. Additionally, farmers should avoid using the machine continuously for a longer period.

How to clean a maize sheller

There are three major key things one should consider when cleaning a maize sheller.

  1. Avoid exposing alkali or acid substances to the v-belt.
  2. Internal cleaning is done after opening all parts of the machine.
  3. Ensure the wheel is well balanced by cleaning the straw and mud of every belt.

To conclude, it is clear that maize sheller machines play a vital role in maize farming. Therefore, farmers should consider learning more about these machines before purchasing them.

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