An Insight Into Digital Label Press Printing

With a compound annual growth rate of 18 percent, digitally printed labels have a $3.31 billion opportunity from 2016 to 2020. “The Future of Digital label Press for Packaging to 2020″ by Smithers PIRA provides this statistics. For label printing and cutting, now is the ideal time to switch to digital operations.

With a focus on the future and new equipment, label converters are transforming their entire process from analog to digital. Existing workflows are being augmented by digital tools to keep pace with the escalating speed and volume of work. As an in-line printing and cutting solution, True Digital might be your best friend.

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Is there such a thing as “true digital?”

Label printing and cutting used to necessitate a number of separate stages and a variety of different pieces of equipment. It is a revolutionary printing process that combines digital printing with proven laser finishing capabilities to produce high-quality products.

While traditional flexographic printing is still a viable option, true digital printing allows printers to keep up with current market demands while also offering a profitable solution for label print and cut converters as per label print to finish.

To meet your label printing and cutting needs, why choose True Digital?

But we aren’t the only ones who use all-digital printing and cutting technology. Many others are completely digital, as are some others. Digital printers and knife die cutters appear to be inline since most inline equipment on the market is connected. Many of these alternatives combine digital printing with rotary die cutting.

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Offline knife die cutters will need to be replaced if they’re not 100% digital inline, and that’s a concern. Consumables will quickly build up because of this plus the cost of new flexible dies. If the design or paper is altered, you will be unable to use the previous die and will be need to purchase a new one.

However, because any-JET II is a 100% digital inline system with a combination of digital printers and digital laser cutters, you can print and cut inline on a single roll installation. Since you don’t need a die to cut, lasers are its best advantage.

Its inkjet label press Any-JET II features inline

Inkjet printing is non-impact compared to other printing methods. Because it doesn’t use a master or a printing plate, it doesn’t require a printing process. Increased productivity is achieved through less press downtime between jobs and during setup as a result of this method.

Laser finishing can be referred to as anyjetLaser Finisher

These include PSA, paper, cork and foam as well as cork and foam as well as rubber as well as silicone as well as PET as well as VHB film and 3M tape as well as reflective heat transfer film. Abrasives, adhesives, cloth and paper, as well as rubber and textiles are all included in this list of materials.

The Advantages of Using a Digital Label Print and Cut for Your Beer Label Market

Limited editions, changing content, short runs, and high-agility demands are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Brand managers may easily introduce new product variants or generate localized promotions using digital’s cost-effective and seamless customisation. There could be numerous advantages to printing and cutting your labels digitally.

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Beer label printing with the jet2 inkjet printer

Depending on the application, inkjet printers can handle a wide range of substrates. Label stocks, corrugated boxes, and more are included in this category. An array of markets, including label converting and commercial printing. There has never been a better time to use inkjet technology in the printing industry.

Inkjet printing has the potential to reduce setup and changeover times for converters and printing service providers. Unlike typical printing methods. Inkjet printing enables firms to stay on top of industry trends and adapt to changes in technology.

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