An Online Guide To Cleaning And Caring For Quilts

Being highly durable, woollen quilts are the best materials for beating the chilling winters in Australia. As regular users of wool quilts, there must be questions on how to take care of them properly for them to last long and also to keep them in pristine conditions. Not to worry! This guide highlights the necessary things to do for taking proper care of quilts and blankets.

Australian residents can buy quilts from reliable stores, either locally or online, and choose from hundreds of designs, varieties and textures. Events like the Australian quilt market are bound to give customers a closer look at some of the latest designs trending in the country. With the winter months around the corner, investing in a good quality quilt may not be such a bad idea. As for taking care of them, take a look at the tips mentioned below:

1. Don’t Wash Them: The first impulse for taking care of any fabric is to wash them first hand. However, in the case of wool quilts, this is not a viable option. Shake the quilt and hang them in an open space where air moves freely. It’s the best remedy to get rid of all the dust and dirt sticking to the material. Plus, a good shake can also keep the drape in decent shape. Ventilated areas work best, but any solid surface will do as long as it doesn’t alter the shape of the fabric. Damp quilts are more prone to be contorted, so make sure that they are not too wet before hanging them out to dry.

2. Use A Little Bit Of Soap If Cleaning Is Necessary: Sometimes, after continuous usage throughout the months, the quilts start to smell a little musky. In this case, there’s no choice but to wash them but always use only a small amount of soap and that too in cold water. Mild soaps work well with neutral pH so as not to distort the material during the cleaning process. Take care not to use any detergents as these strips the fabric of any essential oil that gives the quilt its protective quality. No scrubbing or hard agitation is required, and let the wool soak in the mixture for some time, and the soap will work its magic. Machine washing is not generally recommended but if time is an issue, set the levels to delicate cycles with low-level spins.

3. Spot Cleaning: This is for those who want to achieve a more effective cleaning while hanging the quilts dry. However, be careful when using hot water and keep the wool away from dryers. Heat can cause fibre shrinkage and will affect their durability, so use them lightly. There are many cleaning sprays available in many stores in Australia that are specifically made for woollen materials. If one is unsure about the spot cleaning sprays, try testing them out on damp clothes before use.

4. Don’t Try To Wring Out The Water: Woolen quilts can hold water three times its weight. After rinsing, don’t try to wring out the excess moisture as this can mess the whole shape of the fabric. Use a dry towel instead and roll it with the quilt to absorb the water. This might take several tries depending upon the total moisture soaked by the quilt.

4. Storing The Quilts: Protection is needed when storing the wool, especially since most Australians will be using it around the winter months. Seal the quilts in bags or zippers and use natural repellents to keep the pests at bay.

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