Assisted living vs. home care services: What’s better?

“Should I consider having a home health aide or move to an assisted living facility for long-term care?” – That’s one question many seniors have in mind. No matter how hard you deny, it can be hard to live on your own after the age of 60, especially if you have health complications or mobility issues. King of Prussia home care services can send caregivers and personal care assistants to your home for the services you need. Or else, you can leave your home and shift to an institution that can provide these services. In this post, we are comparing the pros and cons of both. 

Pros and cons of home care services

First and foremost, you can get one-on-one tailored care at home from these agencies just like senior care Brooklyn. You can continue to live within the comforts of your home and among your loved ones for a much longer time. If you only need a few hours of help, home care services can cost lower, and you will have a dedicated caregiver for you. Your basic care, including personal hygiene, light household chores, and meal prep, is taken care of as needed. 

On the flip side, home care services can cost more if you need 24×7 live-in care. Also, you may need to rely on your loved ones for a few decisions. Since you would be at home, you may not meet many like-minded people or seniors. 

Pros and cons of assisted living

In an assisted living facility, seniors get to live within a community, where they have their own apartments or rooms. The community has its range of services, which will be offered to the residents, and things like meals and housekeeping are taken care of. If you need 24/7 supervision and care, this could be a better alternative, and you don’t have to bother about involving your family in certain decisions. 

In terms of disadvantages, you cannot expect dedicated personal care at these facilities. Staff changes are often frequent, and it can take time to adjust. Also, the quality of care you get is largely dependent on the existing team of professionals. If you need specialized care, you may end up spending a lot more. You may have to move out of the facility when asked for any reason. 

Home care is obviously better when you can enjoy the comfort of your home without compromising on the services you need. Talk to an agency now.

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