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American businesses are increasingly using temporary workers. Approximately 17 million individuals work for businesses as temporary employees, contract workers, consultants, freelancers, seasonal laborers, and interns, according to the Associated Press. Temporary workers’ numbers first increased as a result of the last recession and the ensuing economic unrest, but their intrinsic flexibility keeps them at the forefront of staffing solutions.

The staffing specialists at our Bay Area agencies are familiar with the particular difficulties of the local job market and hiring landscape and can assist you in finding the appropriate fit, whether you require remote or on-site workers. In order to match you with the ideal temporary or full-time worker, our staffing experts use matching technology that blends decades of placement data with personalized service.

We are a premier professional staffing agency that focuses on sales, marketing, IT, human resources, accounting, and finance. We only hire the best talent in these sectors. We employ an interpersonal strategy during our recruiting process to find qualified experts for our clients.

Across the US, we offer total direct-hire recruitment and temp agency bay area services, including:

  • Services for Executives
  • Staffing Direct Hire/Contingent Search
  • Services for Temporary Staffing
  • Staffing for Temp-to-Hire
  • Search and placement for interim leaders
  • national provider of record-keeping and payroll services

We can assist you right away, whether you need to hire permanent staff for a whole division or just one noteworthy temporary specialist. We are prepared to offer the skilled personnel you require to keep your business running efficiently and at its fullest potential. Our experienced and educated recruiters are available to help you with any job type! Scion is dedicated to providing top-notch quality and service, which is evident at every level of our organization. We appreciate you thinking of Scion Staffing as a potential hiring partner! To begin with, get in touch with a reputable staffing specialist immediately.

Here is a closer look at the tasks that a temporary job firm carries out in Bay area.

Easily Recruiting

All resumes and credentials are gathered by staffing companies so that candidates can be screened before being placed on a job. Additionally, interviews are conducted to ease the burden of hiring on firms in general.

Background checks, reference checks, and occasionally drug tests are carried out in accordance with agency standards. Before a contract with an employer is ever signed, this ensures that the candidate pool is full of the best workers.

No-Effort Training

A reputable temp agency will ensure that only workers with the required training and skills are sent to a job site in circumstances when certain knowledge, skills, and experience are required to do a particular task.

Speedy Placement

The temp agency will assign the required workers to the job site with the equipment they need to accomplish their jobs in accordance with the working circumstances, legislation, required duties, and other talents. In many circumstances, a reputable temp agency can quickly place personnel on the road.

Assurance of Payment

Temp workers are “on loan” to the employer; hence, the temp agency is in charge of paying their hourly wages. Additional payroll obligations, including workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, social security benefits, and government tax deductions, are also their responsibility.

Better temp workers are provided by specialized staffing firms.

One important caution, though, should be taken before a company outsources its employment process: they should only work with temp agencies that are experts in their field. The majority of staffing firms have a sizable pool of unskilled people who can be assigned to generic tasks and entry-level employment opportunities. These are the kinds of employment that need little education, specialized training, or previous work experience. A generic temp agency just won’t do if a corporation is looking for skilled personnel. The best way to ensure that a firm gets exactly what they need is to thoroughly research a staffing agency’s experience in a certain field, like tech or construction. This can assist in preventing expensive workplace errors and ensure that the company reaps the rewards of selecting a capable temp service.

We are better than others

Our West Coast headquarters are located in the heart of the San Francisco financial district, and Scion Staffing is a full-service, award-winning temporary staffing firm, contingency search firm, and executive search recruitment agency. You may count on us for assistance with your employment and recruitment needs.

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