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Today, the number one concern of a company is either to create an efficient Performance Management System or to create an efficient HR Management. It is because the HR and the staff is the core element behind a successful business.

If your company’s tasks are not managed properly your company will eventually go through big problems. In the traditional system, companies had managers who took care of all the staff members from assigning tasks to keeping track of the tasks, everything was managed by one or two managers. There are a lot of problems with this approach.

Because of the inefficiency of the traditional approach, companies are moving towards a better option. Businesses have started to realize that they can never create a strong HR management system without involving technology in it. That’s why hundreds and thousands of companies have already started to use HR Management software like Bayzat.

In this blog, we will be discussing Bayzat, how it is helping hundreds of companies and how can you take advantage of it. So keep reading!

What is Bayzat?

Bayzat is a complete HR Management Software with all the required features. Over 1000 companies in the UAE are using Bayzat. It helps a company to complete all the HR tasks and also has a Performance Management System that helps to improve employee performance.

What Features Does Bayzat Provide?

Bayzat has a list of useful features that can be incredibly useful in routine HR tasks. These are some of the highlighting features of Bayzat:

Employees Management

The first feature that the Bayzat software has is employee management. As it is an HR Management Software so its main focus is to create a nice environment for the managers and the staff to work in.

With the help of the software, you can easily manage all the employee’s data. From attendance management to task management, you can easily reach all the data. You can easily set and change the working shifts of the employees. This feature is very convenient when you have many employees. All the previous record of all the employees is also saved in the software. So it is a complete place for employee management.

Efficient Performance Management System

The next useful feature that Bayzat provides is the efficient Performance Management System. With the help of the software, you can track a detailed report on any employee. It allows you to see all the records of the employee and all the ongoing projects.

With the help of Bayzat, you can easily set a goal for any employee. You can give a task or goal to all the employees and then keep track of them. You can see employee performance from time to time. If you think that you should give feedback you can give it whenever you want. This is a complete system that starts by giving tasks than tracking them and lastly giving meaningful feedback to the employees.

The Performance Management System helps the managers and the staff communicate better and eventually brings out more productivity.

Payroll Management

When it comes to payroll, there is some degree of problems that all businesses face. Sometimes the calculations go wrong and the other time’s people don’t clearly remember. This is the major drawback of the traditional system. Even if all the information regarding payrolls is written somewhere it is still not safe and convenient.

But with the help of Bayzat, you can deal with all of these problems. As it is software so the payroll management system is automatic and transparent. All the information regarding an employee’s payroll is available on the software. The history of payments, the payment this month, the amount deducted, and the remaining payment. Everything is automatically calculated according to attendance. This is very convenient. The best part is that this process is safer and faster and people can access it whenever they want.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a set of features that are focused to give benefits to employees. Many great benefits like financial benefits are given to the employees. You can give your employees the option to decide their payday. With the help of the automated system, employees can withdraw their money whenever they want.

The employees can use the app to keep track of certain things like their payroll, shift change, and records. They can also check in and check out of work. Other health benefits are also given to the employees. This is a complete system for the welfare of your employees and to make sure that they work in a healthy and productive environment.


With the passage of time businesses have started to realize that it is better to move to technology and that’s why thousands of businesses have moved to software like Bayzat to get there HR tasks done. In this blog we have discussed Bayzat in detail. We have discussed its features including Performance Management System, Employee Management and many others.

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