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Build a resort-style house. The garden area is the signature of a resort-style house. Because the decoration of this style of house is imitation until it feels like bringing nature to serve the front of the house. It can be said that if you are a guest of this house, you will be surrounded by nature from the fence of the house. Both the sound of birds and nature sounds welcome. While quenching the rage from the traffic that has just passed with cold temperatures from the surrounding trees which is a charm that makes anyone want to be the owner of a resort-style house As for the key keywords that will turn a house into a resting place, what is it? Today, AYB brings you some great ideas.

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beautiful garden ideas providing a shady atmosphere like being at a resort

1. Resort atmosphere equals relaxation.

Of course, working hard or with long stressful tasks. It may cause you to yearn for rest and want to recharge fully. But with limited time, I can’t go far. The only thing that can be done is to transform the house into a resting place. So this style of home is thought to start with soothing symbols such as the green from the trees. blue from the sky or a cool aura from trees and water droplets

2. A sense of harmony and intimacy

In addition to designing a resort-style house that must be open to the wind from all directions. An important element is the connection point, which must be connected between the area in the house and outside the house. By connecting these two areas, it is possible to create a garden or walkway that gives the feeling of continuity with the house. making the storytelling of the house style uninterrupted It also emphasizes to feel close and in harmony with nature.

3. Add sound

Another interesting idea that can make the house look like a resort is. Adding a waterfall into your home decor In addition to being lucky in terms of feng shui beliefs. the sound of waterfall It is another element that can cause relaxation as well. The higher the gradient of the water. Sounds impacting different heights, different objects, will feel like we are listening to the notes of a song chasing the keys. make the atmosphere of the house look dimensional Including also reducing the temperature to make the house look moist and cool as well

4. Decorate a trapper garden

When we create a beautiful resort-style garden It wouldn’t be possible to talk about trees at all. But for this, we focus on the results of tree and plant selection (some home builders tend to have experts like garden designers. Come help choose a tree that is suitable for the area and size of the garden.) In addition to the shady and the sound of leaves and branches Another thing that is indispensable for creating a resort-style home atmosphere is. Little animals such as birds, squirrels, cicadas, the protagonists turn our garden environment into the perfect holiday resort.

5. Decorate the photo corner, emphasizing nature.

When there are guests who visit our resort house There must be a corner to call the guests a bit. Make an impression with decorating ideas in the outdoor corner. Add a look of naturalness, imitating the wooden facade. Or paired with a set of teak tables and chairs. or decorated with large stones for sitting and taking pictures of the gang Sprinkle the walkway with pebbles for a perfect overview. It is another idea that many people choose to decorate the garden to enhance the atmosphere of a resort-style house perfectly.

6. The garden must be beautiful in every light.

Of course, by building a house We can design a house to be able to use in every corner, every moment, and so does gardening. It must be usable at every angle. Every moment follows Therefore, beautifying the garden must be calculated from sunlight to neon light, so the placement of the lights is essential. Whether it’s lights in the corner of the base of the tree, railing lights, walkway lights, because lights don’t just have a job to illuminate. but can provide safety Including setting the color of the lights is another important element to make the house warm and relaxing.

6 ideas to create a garden in front of the house to give a shady atmosphere like being at a resort. It’s just an example of an overview that will make our beautiful garden shady, relaxing, suitable for a short vacation but giving you the quality of relaxation. The landscaping also includes other factors such as the size of the area, the soil in the plants, the direction of light, and other relevant elements. that homeowners can’t make themselves perfect It is therefore recommended to consult a garden designer directly. because they will have both expertise. Get advice on choosing a tree that is suitable for the soil. It is also convenient for homeowners in terms of creativity and a more perfect decoration design.

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