Become a productive programmer without lowering your standards- a definitive guide 

Satish has started his professional programming career in 2001. In the time since, he has worked for many technical professionals and managed several technical teams. To be precise, he has garnered a lot of experience while helping people who are trudging through the rough things without having an idea to implement solutions appropriately. However, he has faced many ebbs and flows throughout his career.  

By adopting new technologies, Satish has delved deeper into the core of programming. In the present day, he is an educator of an organization. Still, he actively writes code based on new technologies. It gives him immense satisfaction, which he is adamant about. 

Are you on the same page? 

Are you a novice programmer who wants to learn the ensembles of a skilled programmer? 

Do you want to be like Satish?

Besides having perseverance and consistency, you need to have one more thing- walking down the right path and taking the right steps. A trait of a good programmer is putting themselves in the customer’s shoes, and doing that successfully would help you to get ready for the next step. 

We are not going to share any verbose descriptions. Our intention is to collate a list of helpful tips that will make things easier for you. 

Why should a programmer keep himself/herself updated? 

According to tech aficionados, programming is a complex activity that needs to be dealt with superior care and attention. A programmer should know about the latest technology and its implications for the programming fundamentals. It may happen that the source code may fail and it’s obvious that the related functionality will be affected. However, if a programmer has the knowledge of the latest programming languages; he/she can fix the same. 

To learn the nitty-gritty of burgeoning technologies, you should have a cohesive understanding of budding programming languages and their related things. We all know that the market is already saturated with lots of talent. To keep your head tall in the crowd, the below-mentioned tips will be more than enough. 

1. Work on the basics

We all know the fact that conceptual understanding of any niche is essential to gaining clarity. Additionally, it’s the ultimate key to tasting the sweet fruit of success. Likewise, basic knowledge about programming is of utmost importance which will help you in designing and implementing industry best practices. 

However, feeling the gap means lacking confidence. It may affect your work. Instead, you can start with basic computer science and the related programming language. It’s never too late to start from scratch again. 

2. Learn from professionals 

Learning has always been appreciated and it would help you to impregnate your mind with new ideas. Look for people who have years of experience in the programming field. They most likely know things profoundly and you can learn from them straightforwardly. 

Some developers prefer object-oriented programming, while the others opt for functional style. It may be the combination of two in some cases. Each case has a plethora of benefits that could reinforce the logic of why the programmers are using the respective programming. Listening actively to other developers’ ideas would help you to churn out new ideas. Therefore, if you get a chance to discuss programming with professionals, don’t underscore the importance of the same. 

3. Write simple and logical code

Writing the codes in a simple yet logical manner has no alternatives. It doesn’t affect the entire cycle which includes initiating the ideas of a mobile/web application to deploy the same. You don’t need to prove your capability just by writing complex codes. Instead, simple and straightforward code writing would work well. In a nutshell, it results in fewer issues and is more extendable. 

4. Creave to know more 

What is the separating line between a good programmer and the others? The answer is simple- an indomitable will to know more. Whenever you’re writing a code, try to get the logic behind the same. The more you’ll dig, the more information you can accumulate. Ultimately, it will strengthen your base no matter what type of code you are writing. 

However, there could be situations where you don’t get enough time to evaluate your work. The tight deadlines may make your work more arduous, and you need to act accordingly. It is advisable that you must get some time between work to delve deeper into what you have done till now. That way, your work will become more prominent. 

5. Read regularly 

Floating straight into to the stream is the lynchpin to getting into the core part of technology. In the modern world, technology is the most dynamic area. As a developer on the lookout for newer opportunities, you need to keep your head high in this cutthroat competition. How? Learning new things and preparing yourself for interviews comes with your territory of work. 

Books are a trove of knowledge where you could get not just valuable ideas but also suggestions from experts. It will help you to get rid of frustrating situations that may come between tedious coding sessions. 

Blogs and e-books are the added ensembles that can be used to accumulate more knowledge. Stuck in between traffic or spending a lazy weekend evening? Open your mobile/laptop and start reading blogs or e-books related to programming. You can also bookmark those and access the same at your convenience. 

6. Participate in forums and share knowledge

Once you reach a higher level of your programming knowledge, you can share the same with the newbie programmers. During your journey, you may have taken help from several resources. Now, it’s the time to impart it. Many platforms and forums are there, where you can indirectly solve critical programming issues. Your effort would be lauded by the other participants as your experience would help them to reach new heights. 

Wrapping it up

Last but not the least, refrain from comparing yourself to others. It will do no good except engendering negative feelings. On this earth, everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. It would be better if we understood ours and worked accordingly. That will ultimately help you to achieve your goals. 

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