Best Cities to Move to in Alberta

What makes for the best life is largely going to depend on what’s most important to you. Historically, careers have played a major role in where one chooses to settle down. With the rise of remote work, there’s more freedom than ever for making our homes exactly where we want them. While this isn’t the case for everyone, many workers now only have to head into the office when needed or for only part of the week if at all.

For those with the choice largely up to them, due to options for remote work or for those who are already retired, there’s plenty of wonderful options throughout the entirety of Alberta. It’ll simply depend on who you are and what you value the most for your life that might make one city better than another. 

St. Albert

The smaller cities are often the perfect mix of what everyone is after. There’s going to be lighter traffic, more familiar faces, and still plenty to do for you and your family. If that perfect middle ground is calling your name, St. Albert might just be the place to make you your happiest. There’s even that big city neighbor whenever you are craving something a little more. 

What’s better than having the action of Edmonton only when you actually want it? Of course, nothing wrong with having that all the time but the constant excitement that comes from any major city can be too much for many of us.


There ought to be no surprise that Calgary is on the list. Not only is it seen as one of the best cities in Alberta, it’s one of the best cities throughout all of Canada. All the ample career opportunities might have been what had soon-to-be residents looking at Calgary Homes for Sale in the first place but there’s much more than that that’s kept them here. It’s the perfect place for those new to the country and also life-long Canadians experiencing the city life for the first time. 

While work might have brought many here, even when they retire few actually end up leaving. There’s plenty to do for all ages and even free college courses for Seniors offered at the University of Calgary so even during the later parts of life, residents never need to stop learning and growing. 


If the outdoors are where you’re looking to be above all else, Canmore is your place. It’s as beautiful as it seems in the postcards which is no surprise given it’s located right on the boundary of Banff National Park, which is Canada’s old National Park and the perfect gateway into the Rocky Mountains. There’s nature in every direction and plenty to get to know during your first few years here. 

It’s also around 50 miles from Calgary as well so those who are worried about being too detached from a major hub have nothing to worry about. As long as you have the time for the drive, you won’t have to miss any Flames games just because you chose to get as close to Banff as you could. 

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