Best Tips For Memorising Notes

Are you a student who is tired of following note-taking methods which are of no use then you are practicing for an exam? This is the right place, you can learn some interesting ways of memorizing notes better, with proven well-researched techniques that you can easily follow.

The principles of note-taking

Before we begin with the best techniques that help you in memorizing notes, some other factors might be coming in the way. You should prepare yourself mentally as well as physically so that you are in the right mindset and environment to absorb knowledge from all that you have noted down. No classroom app can help you if you aren’t ready after all.

  • Nutrition: The right amount of nutrition in your body improves your memory, and ability to understand things. Sometimes, people often eat nuts in the morning to improve their memory.

Hydration is also as important as maintaining a good diet. If you don’t have enough water in your body, you feel tired, sleepy, and exhausted. This is because your body does not have enough water needed to convert the food in your body into energy. Right food, with enough water intake, guarantees an improvement in your ability to learn.

  • Focus on fitness: Your brain is something that does the most amount of work throughout the day, so you should be fit mentally and physically. This doesn’t mean that every student should be doing a cardio session every morning, or must be a part of the gym. You can exercise anytime when you are free during the day so that your metabolism keeps up and you feel good enough to sit down and study.

Moreover, exercising every day helps you fall into a routine, making it easier for you to focus on your notes.

  • Meditation: Meditating is like mental therapy. People find it helpful because meditation improves their concentration power.
  • Be well rested: Everyone remembers waking up early in the morning before their exams so that they can have one final look at their notes. Sometimes, even the online classes app have features that remind you about important points that you should read right before entering the exam hall or logging into the exam meeting being held virtually. But, a lesser-known fact is that you retain more information when your brain is well-rested.

When you are exhausted, you no longer pay attention to the notes or important details. You simply are going through the subtopics for the sake of it, which is not useful but students don’t have a choice at this point. Start preparing your notes and formatting them as classes proceed right from the beginning so that you are not put under such a circumstance where you have to urgently rely on looking at last-minute notes from the classroom app.

  • Be well informed about the working of memory: Human memory is something truly great, according to science, humans can remember a large amount of information throughout their lifetime. If you understand the usage of note-taking methods that help you remember things better, you have cracked the code.

The trick is, you should begin early at the beginning of every session or course. Keep discovering different methods of taking down notes, and mix and match to find the best balance suitable for your memory power.

Steps to remembering notes

  • Find the best strategy: Students can outline their notes, or write in different colored pens to highlight some key points, and even add some helpful diagrams in between that help them in understanding theoretical parts. They find the best strategy only by applying different methods at the beginning of a course.
  • Prepare base information: The base information can be listed from a lecture that the professors or educators are providing. Sometimes, students note down almost all the information that a teacher imparts during a session.
  • Categorize subjects or subtopics: Categorizing subjects, or even subtopics helps in keeping track of how much of the learning material is still left to cover, motivating them to complete the syllabus at the same time.
  • Rely on recorded classes and videos uploaded in a classroom app: The best feature of every online classes app is the availability of recorded lectures. Students can go back to them again and again for revisions, and make corrections to their notes.

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