Best video games for PS5

The PS5 is the ultimate entertainment system, it can do so many things. When the weather outside isn’t the greatest, we can always turn to our games consoles to keep us entertained. Whether you are a casual gamer or a serious gamer, it’s always worth considering making the plunge and buying a PS5. Now that these consoles aren’t brand new you are bound to be able to get one for a significantly lower price than they were on release. On a PS5 you can watch TV, download apps, browse the internet, listen to music, and best of all, play new-gen video games. Video games look absolutely stunning on the PS5 and we feel as though everyone should experience the feeling of immersion it gives. If you have one of these fantastic consoles and you aren’t too sure about what to play, then you are in luck. Today we are going to be naming some of the best video games for PS5. Before we get into the list, we should mention how much greater your experience playing these games could be with a brilliant gaming setup. There are many clever ways that you can improve your gaming setup, but the most significant improvement would without a doubt be mounting your TV to the wall. If you feel as though this is an upgrade you are interested in making, then you can click here for TV wall mounting services. Anyways, without wasting any more time let’s jump straight into this list.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Miles Morales

If you have played the original Spider-Man PS4 game, then Spider-Man Miles Morales is a must-play! This game offers you everything that the original game has but is 100 times better! If you like the swinging mechanics in the first game, Miles Morales is sure to take your breath away. Everything from the combat, to the swinging, to the story, this game is without a doubt just as good if not better than the original. The story is relatively short, but this is something you can expect considering it’s a spin-off game and not a proper sequel. At the start of the game, you begin as Miles Morales while Peter Parker goes on vacation, this means that Miles is left all alone in the city for the very first time. Miles is still learning the ropes and figuring out all that it takes to take care of a whole city and be spiderman, you can see how through the game he learns a lot. Another great thing about this game is that it comes with a remastered version of the original spiderman PS4 game so that you can experience it with the amazing quality of graphics that the PS5 has to offer. Spider-Man – Miles Morales is without a doubt one of the best video games for PS5.

Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout

Looking for something a little more light-hearted? Fall Guys is without a doubt one of the best video games for PS5, and it’s nothing like anything else in the store. In the game, you are put against 60 other players and complete a range of different minigames, each time a game finishes a set amount of players who came last are eliminated. This keeps happening until eventually there is only one player left. If you are finding it difficult to imagine the type of games you’ll be playing, think of the TV show Total Wipeout, it’s similar. Things are made a whole lot more hectic due to the number of people completing the course at once. Fall guys can be a casual game to play, but as the game goes on things can get intense. It’s hard to take your eyes off of the screen as the game goes on. Another great thing about this game is that it’s free to play and cross-platform! Getting online with your friends and having competitions to see who can make it the furthest simply never gets old, you should try it!

Dying Light 2 – Stay Human

If you have played the first Dying Light game, then we have no doubts that this game was something that you were looking forward to for a long time. Dying Light is an open-world, first-person, parkour, survival game. Everything that the original game does, the sequel does better. There is room for a lot of progressions which makes the process of working through the storyline while playing the game feel very rewarding. You can literally spend hours at a time just exploring or completing side missions. The parkour aspect feels as smooth as can be, it’s really satisfying on the PS5. Not to mention, the graphics are of course out of this world as this is a new gen game so you are sure to be blown away the second you start playing. We would without a doubt put Dying Light 2 – Stay human up there with some of the best video games for PS5 that have been released recently.

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