Bicycle accident in Huntington Beach: Things you need to know!

Biking on the roads of Huntington Beach can be fun and risky. Available data shows that accidents involving cyclists are on the upswing in California. As a cyclist, you have your rights but must also follow the applicable laws. Despite taking all the necessary precautions, accidents do happen. If the driver of the other vehicle was clearly negligent (such as driving under the influence of alcohol, they are liable for your injuries. Talking to top injury attorneys Huntington Beach can help you file a personal injury lawsuit. Here are some basic things to know before you move ahead. 

Understanding the laws

Just like vehicle drivers, cyclists also have to follow the standard traffic rules in California. You must also yield to pedestrians on the road, and if you are biking at night, you must use lights/reflectors. You are also required to ride in the direction of the current vehicle traffic. If bike lanes are available, bicyclists are expected to use them. 

Dealing with an accident 

Accidents are not uncommon on the roads of Huntington Beach. Just motorcyclists, bikers are also at a greater risk of suffering serious injuries in an auto accident. California is a fault state, which means you can sue the at-fault party. The compensation may not take away your injuries, but you can indeed minimize the financial distress. Immediately after the crash, consider informing the local police and get medical help. Don’t ignore the injuries endured in a bicycle accident, as many of these injuries may show up weeks later. 

Call a lawyer

You can find many law firms in the city that deal with bicycle accident lawsuits. Personal injury lawyers don’t usually take an upfront fee, and therefore, it is not hard to seek legal representation. They can help evaluate the worth of your claim and will do anything to ensure that you get a fair settlement for the injuries, pain, and suffering. Just make sure that you hire a lawyer who has “been there, done that”. Bicycle accidents cases can be complicated at times, and it makes sense to have an attorney who can deal with the aftermath. They will negotiate on your behalf with the other driver, and if needed, they can file an injury lawsuit. Your attorney is also in charge of dealing with the insurance company so that they don’t pressurize you for a statement. 

Find a lawyer soon after your bicycle accident for maximum advantage and get a free evaluation of your case.

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