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Spending time with a live casino Singapore is the favorite pastime of most people out there. If you are interested, you can go ahead and spend time in a live casino without keeping a doubt in mind. However, it is now possible to visit online casinos and play live casinos, instead of visiting a land-based casino. Anyone who is planning to get that experience may take a look at BK8.

What is BK8?

BK8 is one of the leading online casino Singapore available as of now. It offers a rich gambling experience to anyone. In other words, BK8 offers a wide range of options for gamers. Almost all games that you can find in a land based casino are available in BK8. Among those games, you can also find live casinos as well.

The website offers a hassle-free interface to engage with live casino games. As a result, you will get the impression that you are in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. Most people out there tend to use their smartphones to access the games available at BK8. However, if you like, you may also do it from your computer.

What live casino games are available in BK8?

Before you start playing games at BK8, it is worth understanding what live casino games are available for you to play. Then you can decide whether you are signing up for an account on BK8 to play them or not.


Poker continues to be among the most played games at both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. This game is played for centuries and continues to be a worldwide favorite among casino goers. It was among the first activities to appear on the then-available casino websites when internet casino games were initially created in the latter 1990s.

Together with blackjack and baccarat, live poker remains one of the best, most popular card games on our website. With live poker, you may compete against other players or the dealer. The most well-known poker brand in Asia, IDNPoker, is the live poker provider on BK8. The ability to set up a private table & invite friends or family to join you is one of IDNPoker’s most intriguing features.

One of reasons Asian players like IDNPoker is the degree of anonymity and customizability offered. Additionally, you may participate in poker games where you can test your poker prowess by competing against any of Singapore and Asia’s top poker players.

A PC or mobile device may easily utilize IDNPoker because of its quickness. This implies that the gaming experience is the same if a user is using a PC or a mobile device. You will not only have a fantastic gaming experience, but also a chance to win enormous Poker jackpots.


Blackjack was created in France in the 18th century, much like roulette. Since then, this game has had tremendous popularity in several casinos all over the globe. One of the very first games to be introduced in online casinos because the internet age was blackjack. If you wish to experience live blackjack in a genuine casino, BK8 has become one of the most reputable online casinos in Singapore.

You shouldn’t be afraid if you’ve never played live blackjack since the rules are straightforward and easy to grasp. Like all the live games on our platform, the gaming experience you will have enjoying live blackjack at BK8 is unmatched.


Baccarat was created in Italy in the 15th century, but gambling establishments in France as well as other European nations gradually adopted it. The main guidelines for playing live baccarat nowadays at online casinos are the same as for the game back then.

As a result, when you visit the BK8 live casino section, you may anticipate having a similar baccarat playing experience to if you were to play at a real-world casino near your house. Baccarat may be played on mobile devices & PCs of various sizes, just like the other games on our website. Additionally, you’ll be able to interact directly with the dealers.

If a problem should emerge during the game, it will be possible to get it resolved right away if you play face-to-face with the dealer. You won’t have to go through the hassle of contacting customer service since these dealers have the necessary expertise to fix practically any problem you could have.


The 18th-century French colony of France is where roulette, a highly well-liked casino game, first appeared. This table game was subsequently introduced to the whole globe inside the 19th and 20th centuries. You may play roulette online just as you would in a physical casino now that there are sites like BK8 Singapore.

The regulations for playing roulette in a casino game Singapore are the same as they are in traditional casinos. It’s a game that, unlike the majority of casino games, mostly depends on chance rather than strategy. That implies an experienced roulette player has about the same odds of winning a round as a brand-new player who just began playing a game today.

The only thing you need to do to begin playing roulette if you’ve never done so before is to comprehend the rules, which shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. The good news is that because all game developers on this platform created games that are sensitive to all device sizes, you may play roulette using either a computer or a mobile device.

Dragon Tiger

One of the most enjoyable and simple live matches at BK8 Singapore is Dragon Tiger. This game is not only entertaining, but it also offers a user-friendly layout that makes it simple for players to get started regardless of their prior gambling knowledge. On its user interface, this game also offers player statistics and analysis.

In this game, the rules are pretty easy to grasp. For those who don’t know, Dragon Tiger is a game in which the object is to predict the hands which will be dealt with such a higher price card. The dragons as well as the tiger are the two hands that are taken into account in this situation. Therefore, all you need to do is foretell which hand will have the highest value card.

Final words

As you can see, you will be able to play all major online live casino games here on BK8. To get started, all you have to do is remember that. You will surely enjoy the live casino experience offered with it.

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