BK8 Scored The Official Asian Betting Sponsor Of Crystal Palace F.C For The Season 2022-23

The world’s renowned betting operator BK8 has bagged the biggest deal of sponsoring the English Premier League Club, Crystal Palace, following this year’s football season. Getting this opportunity in hand, a knot between the betting site and the Football Club Crystal Palace has made BK8 become the official Asian betting sponsor for the 2022-23 season. A leading agreement with the best Asian betting platform has stretched its boundaries to a long extent; Asian people could cherish viewing the matches at home this year through LED advertisements and players’ activation videos telecast exclusively for Asian audiences.  

Why Did Crystal Palace Choose BK8 As Its Sponsor?

Commenting on this most significant achievement, the Managing Director of BK8, Michael Gatt, asserted that he is delighted to have this opportunity to be a partner of such a renowned club – Crystal Palace F.C., gaining a name as the official betting platform of Asia. Moreover, the gambling site is raising its trend to become a part of other club assets, including the matchday perimeter and the non-match day training kit. Gatt is also grateful to the club manager, prompting them to see the positive changes the sports betting site has made in recent years. Furthermore, the casino site has led to its more generous work of allowing the unemployed young people of the backward class and society of London to work in the vast sector of the football association to earn money. This condition is implied in the terms section of the agreement as well.

The key reason behind this tied up with gambling sites and football clubs lies in generating more money where people can get the fun of viewing football matches and at the same time bet on them to gain a little money. Although, if you dig deep, you may find other peripheral advantages of gambling sites to become a part of London Football clubs. For example, assume a football club XYZ has a lower fan profile in any European country; tying up with a renowned gambling site will automatically upgrade its profile and increase its fanbase. In addition, the club will also gain other commercial benefits and revenue from a widening market in Asia.

BK8 – The Leading Gambling Site of Today

BK8 Casino made its existence in the gambling periphery in the year 2011. Since then, it has been working tremendously hard to fight in the gambling market to sustain with new gambling options, bonuses, and promotions, taking care of the other satisfactory needs of gamblers. Providing the best casino games and betting options to gamblers, it has entered the Asian gambling market. As a result, it has gained many accolades and partnerships with other bookmakers to mark its genuineness in the eyes of gamblers.

It has also acquired a license from the Curacao Gambling Commission, providing the best payment options to the people for their convenience. Being a sports bookmaker, it incorporates sports occurring in different countries with the best competitive odds in the market. Bettors can bet on the matches at any time. In addition, it provides mobile gambling facilities to make gaming comfortable for people.

About Crystal Palace Football Club

Crystal Palace Football Club is a pride of its south London community, competing in the premiere football leagues in London – the highest level of English football. Formed in 1605, the club made it capable of becoming a part of the football association in 1863 by competing in the FA CUP in 1872 till the semi-finals. The place has made an immense effort to exist in the football associations by facing severe defeats in the matches with Arsenal, Liverpool, and many more in the 2000s. It led to some economic problems as well. But, it managed to overcome those challenges after various fights and struggles. They reached the FA Cups final two times and achieved third in the premier leagues.

All the credits behind their achievements go to the five players of Crystal Palace, making a lasting impression. The names listed on the club’s top position are John Salako, Peter Simpson, Kenny Sansom, Steve Kember, Andy Johnson, Kenny Sansom, Johnny Byrne, and Nigel Martyn.


The coming season is knocking on the doors, as the London Football Premier League clubs have already decided on their sponsors. However, Crystal Palace’s latest announcement has positively impacted other clubs. It declared that this season 2022-23, BK8 would be sponsoring their club, embarking as an official gambling site in Asia. These partnership programs are nurturing the portfolios of gambling by pushing their boundaries and declaring their name as the official partner of Football clubs.

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