Bone Marrow Transplant – A Medical Encyclopedia

It is a medical procedure that will replace the bone marrow that has been already damaged due to diseases, chemotherapy, and infections as well. Blood cells are being transplanted in this procedure.  New and healthy blood cells are produced here and it will promote the growth of new marrow. Bone marrow transplant is a tricky and risky procedure. So, you need to choose the best doctor and center for doing the whole procedure.

Bone Marrow Foundation – Bone marrow basically is a spongy and fatty tissue. It is placed inside your bones. It creates the following parts:

  • White blood cells and can fight against infections.
  • Red blood cells can carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the whole body.
  • Platelets can form clots.

This medical procedure will replace your damaged and destroyed stem cells with healthy stem cells. This procedure will help your body to make enough white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. It will keep away from infections, bleeding disorders, and anemia as well.

How to find a Bone Marrow Match?

You should know that healthy stem cells will come from a donor’s body. Otherwise, they can also come from your own body. Before starting the chemotherapy, in some cases, the stem cells can be harvested and grown as well. After that, the healthy cells are stored and used in the transplantation procedure.

Why do you need a bone marrow transplant?

It is performed when a patient’s marrow is not at all healthy to function in the right way. Also, this could be for cancer treatment, infectious diseases, and other diseases. Here are some other reasons too:

  • Aplastic anemia is a kind of disorder. In this case, the marrow will stop making new and healthy blood cells.
  • So many types of cancers that can affect the marrow including leukemia, lymphoma and others.
  • Due to radiation therapy or chemotherapy, damaged bone marrow.

Complications of bone marrow

It is a major and tricky medical procedure. It will increase the risk of your experience:

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Low blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Shortness and difficulty in breathing

These complications will depend on certain factors:

  • Your overall health
  • Your age
  • The disease you are going through
  • The type of transplant you are receiving

How to prepare for this medical treatment?

It will take up to a week or so. Therefore, you should make some extra arrangements. Before the procedure, you need to undergo some tests. Even, you may need to undergo radiation and chemotherapy to kill cancerous cells before you get new and healthy stem cells. Here are some arrangements that you need to make:

  • Choosing the nearest hospital
  • Check the financial bills, insurance coverage and all
  • Take a medical leave from your work
  • Pack some clothes and other necessary items which you will need on this journey
  • Arranging the travel form to the hospital and the same for your return home

 As you can see, a bone marrow transplant is a risky medical procedure. But if you choose an experienced doctor and medical center then, your trauma will be less. You do not need to get tensed about any kind of medical procedure, they will handle the whole thing. 

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