Buying Custom Garden Flags in 2022: 7 Vital Qualities to Seek

Marketing budgets across the globe have shrunk tremendously ever since the COVID19 pandemic hit back in early 2020. According to a Gartner report, marketing budgets decreased from 11% of business revenue in 2020 to only 6.4% in 2021. This begs the question – will businesses be forced to limit their marketing spending in 2022?

Only time will tell. Thankfully, small-scale companies can turn to low-cost outdoor advertising tools during this period. Custom-printed garden flags have become vital marketing tools for many small businesses. These bright, vibrant, and eye-catching flags help small and local businesses attract customers.

If you’re a small business owner aiming to cost-effectively promote your brand in 2022, consider using custom-printed marketing flags. These flags can give your brand amazing exposure, especially in your local community. Here are seven qualities to seek when shopping for custom marketing flags in 2022 –

  1. Total Customization Control: The leading sellers of custom flags give total customization control to their customers. Customers can pick flags of different heights, shapes, etc. More importantly, they can custom-print all types of graphics on these flags. Users can use the online design tools on the seller’s website. Or they can upload their fancy artworks to have them printed on their marketing flags. Either way, small business owners should only partner with flag sellers who offer flexible custom designing and printing solutions.
  2. Bargain Deals: Although marketing flags are extremely durable and high-quality products, manufacturing them doesn’t cost much. Business owners should buy large sets of these flags to get discount deals. Flags made of synthetic fabrics are cheap to manufacture and easy to custom-print. Look for lightweight flags made of durable synthetic materials (e.g., polyester).
  3. Decade-Long Durability: Custom flags made of synthetic materials like polyester are waterproof, sun-resistant, and don’t tear easily.
  4. Portability: Gone are the days when custom flags were only used as static advertising tools. Savvy marketers always buy light flags that are easy to transport. They install these flags on company vehicles to give their brands maximum exposure.
  5. Two-Step Assembly: You shouldn’t have to spend over four minutes assembling your custom flags in 2022. The latest custom flags in the market are supremely easy to assemble. Users need to take only two steps – slip the flag over the flagpole and fix it in its base. Flags that are easy to assemble can be used in busy locations like marketing events, expos, etc.
  6. Smart Design: Unlike billboards or banners, custom flags don’t offer much printing space. That’s good because business leaders are forced to be creative to make the most of these tiny print spaces. Print simple, short marketing messages on your custom flags. Use classy designs and vibrant colors to make your flags as appealing as possible.
  7. Easy Maintenance Requirements: Custom flags made of synthetic materials like polyester are extremely easy to clean and care for. Hand wash these flags every two to three months to prevent dirt from accumulating on them. Regular cleaning and drying will help you sustain these flags for long periods.
  8. Furthermore, you can see conservative flags here at Ultimate Flags.

Use this guide to shop for vibrant and attractive garden flags for your brand now!

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