Car detailing tips to make your vehicle look like new

When caring for your car, you don’t want to leave anything. You book an appointment for routine cleaning and take it for cleaning treatment as soon as you notice anything wrong. Of course, you cannot ignore it because you ultimately care about yourself.

Professional car care needs routine maintenance services, repair processes, and professional cleaning. If you want to give the best treatment to your car, here are a few car detailing tips to keep in mind.

Clean your car using car wash soap

The best way to clean your car is by hand. However, not many owners do it correctly. When done improperly, it can cause damage to your car paint. It is important to get your car washed and detailed by professionals.

Also, make sure you use car wash soap and not a detergent or cleaning bar to clean it. Using designated car wash soap will keep the car paint safe and will not damage the protective layer. Also, remember to use a multi-bucket strategy. Instead of using one bucket, choose two. Keep one for a soapy solution, the other for rinsing, and the third for cleaning wheels.

Begin from the top and go down

Another common mistake that car cleaners make is to begin from the non-recommended areas. But, a professional start at the top and works towards the bottom. Go in the direction of gravity. The contaminants will fall to the ground. Start rinsing the roof first and then the hood and lid and below. All the mud and debris will fall.

Work on the tar

Sometimes you will notice contaminants on your car which don’t get removed from soap. This is why you have different car wash chemicals to treat different contaminants. Car wash soaps, petroleum-based cleaners, grease removal, and road tar remover are needed to get rid of hard spots from your car.

Once you have cleaned your car using the soapy solution, check out the left spots and contaminants and use the right cleaner to get rid of them.

Deal with the hinges and latches

One thing which most drivers don’t consider until their hood creates a problem is the maintenance of latches and hinges. It is very important to clean and lubricate them from time to time. It will keep the doors and hood hinges smooth.

Touch up the chips

Often gravel, tiny rock, and particles may cause paint chips on your vehicle. Luckily, you have ways to fix it. This protects your panel from rusting and corrosion and helps to give it a new-like look.

The touch is no substitute for a paint job but just a quick fix. So, if you want a flawless look, you can also go for a paint job.

Cleaning the carpets and upholstery

When it is car detailing, you need to focus on the car’s interior. Don’t forget to give a good clean to your carpet and upholstery. Vacuum it first and then shampoo the stains. Scrub the carpet on the stained areas and blot out the dampness properly.

Using these small tips, you can make your car detailing more effective and precise.

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