what is cement and how many types can be divided?

What does it consist of?

If you mention cement probably no one don’t knows because cement is one of the building materials that can be found everywhere. And because it is a durable material, it is widely used in almost all types of construction by the house building company บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน .

And do you know how many types of cement? What kind of work is each type suitable for? We will take you to get to know each other as follows:

what is cement What does it consist of

Portland cement, also known as “cement”, is a component used in the production of various concretes. The function of cement is to bind and hold other ingredients together such as rock, sand and steel. Cement consists of 3 parts. The main ones are as follows:

1. Lime

Is the part that contains the composition of calcium carbonate (Calcium Carbonate.CaCo3) such as limestone (Limestone), chalk (Chalk) and kaolin (Marl), etc.

The material used as part of the mortar must have a purity of at least 85% or more before it can be used as an ingredient in cement.

2. Ground beef

Silica-containing materials such as silicon dioxide (Silicon Dioxide, SiO2), aluminum oxide (Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3) and ferric oxide (Ferric Oxide, Fe2O3), etc., can be found in shale and black soil.

3. Quality adjustment part

It’s an additional part to increase the quality of the cement to be complete by testing the mortar. If any ingredient is missing then add this quality adjustment in order to get the mortar that meets the specified standards. Modifiers such as sand (if silicon dioxide is required), iron ore or laterite, (if ferric oxide is required) and alumina soil. (In case of needing aluminum oxide), etc.

In addition to the three components mentioned above at present, additives are added to cement to improve its quality to be more suitable for use, such as gypsum that helps the cement to dry slowly, etc.

Types of cement for construction

If you mention cement, many people think that there is only one type of cement. But in fact, there are 5 types of cement as follows:

1. Cement for general construction (Ordinary Portland cement)

Or type 1 cement, which is cement used for general reinforced concrete work that requires strength, durability and high weight support, it popular used for house builder รับสร้างบ้าน on construct such as roads, bridges, building columns, beams and foundation work, etc. Although it has high strength and durability, but this type of cement is not resistant. against corrosion of sulfur salts or alkaline substances such as

sea ​​water, etc.

2. Modified Portland cement or type 2 cement

It is a cement that has been improved to be more resistant to sulfur salts or alkaline substances. It can also retain heat well. Therefore, this type of cement is commonly used to build large structures or near high alkaline sulfur sources such as the sea and mangrove forests, etc.

3. High-early Strength Portland cement

or type 3 cement is cement with very high resolution. The property of this type of mortar is that it hardens quickly, so it is suitable for urgent work because it can be removed faster than using other types of mortar but the mortar must be properly cured in order to make the concrete that is poured with strength. It is commonly used for making prestressed concrete, piles, road slabs, precast slabs, etc.

4. Low-heat Portland cement

or type 4 cement is a cement with a low exothermic rate. This makes the concrete harden slowly and has strength without cracking even under extreme cold or extreme heat suitable for work that requires a large amount of concrete in construction, such as building dams, etc.

5. Sulfate Resistance Portland cement or Type 5 cement

is a cement designed to be resistant to natural alkalinity or sulfur such as seawater, saline soil, etc. It can be used for all types of work near the sea, mangrove forests or common saltwater sources.

Types of cement for decoration

In addition to cement for the construction of the 5 types mentioned above. There is also a development of cement for interior and exterior applications to add convenience and beauty to buildings, that is.-

  1. Mixed cement

It is type 1 cement mixed with inert materials. In order for the cement to have good adhesion to the wall, it dries slowly, so it is suitable for plastering or decorative work that requires elaboration and time to work. But this type of mortar does not support a small weight, so it is not suitable for structure or foundation work.

2. White cement

is a cement that is mainly produced for use in decorative works for beauty. It is white in appearance, slow hardening, good adhesion, durability and low weight support. Not suitable for structural and foundation work. You can see that there are many types of cement used today.

Each type has different properties. Therefore, it should be used appropriately. So that the work will be strong, durable and have a longer service life.

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