Chaff Cutter Features and Advantages

Human labor tends to be more expensive as the world grows. Machines make work easier and their mechanization lures more and more people to it. The chaff Cutter is one machine that farmers have invested into cut their animal feeds. It is a must-have for farmers who value the well-being of their livestock.

What is a Chaff Cutter?

Chaff cutters are mechanical devices used to cut fodder, hay, or stray. The machines areamong the most appreciated machines by those engaging in farming.This is due to howthey ease farm work. This ultimately aids in the digestion of the animals and prevents them from rejecting any part of their food. It isless time-consuming.

The types of Chaff Cutters

The three types of chaff cutters are hand-operated, manual, and automatic. A farmer’s choice of a chaff cutter depends on the size of his or her cattle. The type of chaff cutter also depends on the amount of fodder or hay needed.

How does it function?

The three types of cutters function differently though the working principle remains that the high-speed rotating working parts destroy the deposition of the material layer, the raw material moves with the rotor making the grass collide with each other so that it’s crushed into smaller sizes than mesh diameter.Though further knowledge is needed on how to operate it to minimize accidents and for the machine to work efficiently.

Advantages of the chaff cutter

The chopped hay reduces waste by ensuring your cows do not struggle with larger hay pieces thus reducing the amount of feed that halls underfoot. The chopped hay also aids in digestion by decreasing the particle size of the forage which increases the surface area for bacterial action. This increases nutritional absorption. There isaccelerated weight gain on your cattle than them feeding on unprocessed forage.Automated systems of the automatic chaff cutter generally maximize cutting output.You can adjust the length of the cut by reducing roller speeds.

Disadvantages of the Chaff Cutter

One disadvantage of a hand-operated chaff cutter and the manual chaff cutter is that they require a lot of energy to use andhave little result to show of it. The Automatic chaff cutter is expensive compared to the others.

The Price of the Chaff cutter

The prices of the chaff cutters vary with the specifications and the product in question.

The hand-automated chaff cutter and manual chaff cutter price in Kenya is considerably cheap. Automatic chaff cutters are classified such as:

  • 3×3 Chaff cutter (3 blades, 3 Rollers)
  • 3×2 Chaff cutter (3 blades, 2 rollers)
  • 2×2 Chaff cutter (2 blades, 2 rollers)

The farmer may choose any of the above in accordance to the specifications befitting him or her.


When deciding on a chaff cutter to purchase, a variety of things must be put into consideration. For example, one cannot expect to operate a hand-operated chaff cutter on a large farm.  Among the things to be considered is the labor required, cutting speed, quality of chopped straw, and maintenance. Also check about silage chopper machine.

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