Charity to Orphan: How to Purify Your Wealth?

Earning a good amount of money requires a lot of struggle. We all know this. In this era the struggle is real. Earning a good amount of money is important. But have you thought about the purification of money? It is not a hard thing to purify the money. But what is the purification of money? Money given away to poor people or orphans is called the purification of money. Cleansing your funds can also clean your soul. A person must keep his or her health free from all impermissible earnings. 

We, the modern generation, spend money on unnecessary and extravagant things. When you have enough money for living, why not give it away to those people who need it? In this blog, we will discuss how to purify money. Keep reading to know more.

Things you can do to support orphans 

We all love spending money on unnecessary things. But why not fulfil the purpose of money by giving support to orphans? It is very important to make a difference in society. Giving a portion of your money yearly or half yearly can purify your wealth and at the same time, it will do a lot of benefit to project compassion. Kids who have no family are the best ones to support your wealth. It’s not like you have to donate cash only, you can do many other things to support them. You can provide support in kind also or you do something for them. There are many shelters, homes, and institutions for orphans. Hope now you will understand the blog properly.

1. Spread awareness – 

If you want to support them, you can visit homes and spend time there. You can run social media campaigns to spread awareness for them. You can collect donations for them. With the help of the internet, you can do many things for them. Sometimes money is not enough.

The intention of benefiting society is the main thing here. There are a lot of benefits programs for them. You join their workshops or visit orphans. 

2. You can donate money – 

If you don’t have a huge amount of money then no problem. You can give a small amount yearly. Like a dollar at least. A little donation can make an effect on a kid’s life. Hope you can understand that. You can try to save money monthly and then deposit it annually into your account. This will reduce your burden.

3. Sponsor a kid –

If you have enough money to take care of a child then you can sponsor a kid’s education, health care, necessities etc. This effort can make a child’s life amazing. Have you ever thought about it? Their world will change with this small help. They need proper education for living. If you help them with that think how much you are benefitting society, said Mike Daniel South CarolinaMike Daniel is a graduate of the University of South Carolina where he received his B.A. in Journalism in 1962. He was a member of the Euphradian Society. He received his law degree in 1965 from the USC School of Law. Mr. Daniel, the former Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina from 1983 to 1987, is an active volunteer in his community where he works to combat hunger for underprivileged populations.

4. Provide support by volunteering for them –

You can be a volunteer in an orphanage. You can teach them, help them with their studies or guide them. It’s a lot of effort. You can do this for them.

5. Adopt a child –

Due to Covid-19 and the ongoing war, lots of children lost both their parents. The orphanage and homes are burdened with lots of children. If you are unable to conceive or think of a child or want to be a single parent then why not adopt orphans? You can give them a home. Their whole work will change with this generosity. A new life and new family can do a lot of things for a child.

6. Donate clothes –

You can donate clothes against money. It’s a good idea. Donations of clothes can be a huge thing. Many kids don’t have proper clothes.

7. Sponsoring a wedding for an orphan

Sponsoring a wedding would be a good idea. They can start a good life. It can save a lot of girls’ lives. 


Little money can change an orphan’s life. Hope now you can understand that. Spending a little for them won’t hurt your pocket much. But it can have a big impact on their lives. Hope this blog holds the information you need.

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