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Choosing the right Guest posting site is critical for a number of reasons. For example, not all guest posting sites allow all types of content, so it’s important to research the guidelines of each before submitting your article. When choosing a guest posting site, consider the style of your article and whether or not it fits within their community guidelines. Some publications want articles with clickbait headlines while others prefer longer, more analytical posts. You should also consider the audience, market size, and placement in search results when selecting a destination.


You should look for quality and relevant guest posting sites. A good post can be shareable and should have relevant outbound links. A low-quality website will not attract readers. Also, check if the site has any problems or has a bad design. If there are problems, it is best not to post on such a site. Relevance of guest posting sites depends on a number of factors. Read this article to learn more about guest posting sites.

There are several benefits of writing articles on relevant guest posting sites. These articles can be used for marketing and sales purposes. In addition, the articles that rank first in Google satisfy searchers’ information needs. For example, marketing professionals can post on MarketingProfs to help their business gain more exposure. Whether you want to promote a new product or share some marketing insight, guest posting on these sites is a great way to spread your knowledge and gain exposure.

Contributor guidelines

Before you start sending out your guest posts, check out the guidelines for the guest posting sites you’re interested in. Often, the guidelines ask for a certain length of post. That’s fine, but don’t exceed this number. Generally, guest posts are no longer than 600 words, so keep in mind that your post may be longer than the average. Also, be sure to check with the editorial team before submitting a guest post idea. If you’re not sure if your topic is appropriate, they may ask you to submit proof of your writing ability.

A good idea is to pitch a topic that fits the blog’s audience. For example, if the owner of a particular blog wants to feature a post about marketing, it should be about marketing or SEO. While you can mention your business in the author’s bio, it should not be the main focus of the post. It’s okay to mention your company every now and then, but the bulk of your post should be about providing useful information for readers. It’s also best to follow the formatting style of the target blog.


The goal of your guest posting campaign should be to increase your rankings in SERPs and gain brand recognition. The more quality content you can produce, the more traffic you will receive. However, this does not mean that you should simply write whatever comes to mind. Instead, you need to write content that is well researched and relevant. The best way to achieve this is to publish on high-authority sites. The following are some tips to help you maximize your efforts.

1. Increase your site’s authority through backlinks


If you want your guest posts to rank well on Google, you’ll need to choose a quality guest posting site. While most guest posting websites don’t verify their writers, a few are worth using. Some have no verification whatsoever, and they could be penalized by Google if you’re not careful. If you’re looking for links that will drive organic traffic to your website, you’ll want to choose a site that can guarantee you’ll be placed in the results.

PandaDoc, for example, is a marketing, automation, and sales company. MarketingProfs, meanwhile, is a community for marketers and digital strategy experts. To be accepted, guest posts should be relevant and insightful. If you’re wondering what to write for these sites, check out the guidelines and start writing! Don’t forget to respond to comments. There are hundreds of guest posting sites to choose from, so take your pick!


You should always look for reference posts when choosing a guest posting site. You can find these reviews in various blog directories. You can also contact these sites for further information. Using reference posts can help you land a better site and get more exposure. Here are some tips:

You should not post irrelevant, low-quality, or spammy links. Guest posts are not related to the real author’s site, and most of their links lead to spammy affiliate sites. The blatant spam you can smell from a mile away, but the subtle link spam may not be obvious until you start to analyze it. You might see keyword-rich links in your articles, or you may duplicate the full content of articles on your own site. Regardless of the case, you should avoid guest posts from low-quality sites.

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