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The smartphone has become an integral part of each and every one of our lives. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without them now. The first thing we do when we wake up to the alarm on our phones, is to reach for the phone, and then we proceed to check for all the notifications, emails and maybe read through the headlines of the day. We check the calendar on the phone for any special meetings we have scheduled and then maybe click a few pictures or record a short video to post on our socials. While travelling to work, we listen to songs or watch movies on our phones, and in the evening, we call or message our loved ones to get rid of the stress we have accumulated throughout the day.

What is CLEANit?

In order for this tiny device to meet all the demands of our hectic lives, it needs to function very smoothly. CLEANit makes sure that our devices run as smoothly as possible by ensuring that it stays in the best of health. In order to do this, this app has been packed with a wide array of cool features and packaged and presented beautifully to us, the consumers.

The bright orange homepage has a large image showing the percentage of the internal storage used, and below this there is a button named CLEANit, which when clicked, scans for junk files hidden among all the other important files on your device. Once these are detected, they are listed in various categories, showing how much space each of them consumes, and you have the option of getting rid of them permanently with just a tap of the screen.

Other features of CLEANit

Phone Boost: detects and gets rid of the apps and files running in the background, which can considerably slow down the functioning of other apps and processes of your device.

Battery Saver: identifies all the applications that are consuming too much energy and helps you take care of them any way you want.

App Manager: this takes you to another page, where you will be able to see in a list all the applications that you’ve downloaded and the amount of space, they have taken up from your device storage.

App Cleaner

Space Master: Displays how much space is taken up by videos, Music, Photos and Documents, and there is a button called the File Manager, which takes you to another page where you can see the individual files under each category with the space they have consumed, and then delete them if you wish.

Battery health status: shows the remaining battery power, total capacity, voltage and battery status.

Quick notification bar

Game Boosting

Current Device Info

How to download CLEANit on your Android?

This is surely a very simple and an easier procedure. If you have AC Market App Store just begin by searching the app CLEANit on the search bar. Then download and install it within few seconds. If you do not have AC market Apk still better to download it now via the Play Store. You can download it any device including Android and also on windows.

There are some similar apps to CLEANit you can find inside this largest app store AC Market such as Clean Master App, NOX Cleaner, Phone Master and many more. You can also use AC Market Windows 11 app for windows laptops and computers.

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