CLICK2MAGIC is the top live chat application for small businesses in 2022.

Do not be fooled into believing that tiny enterprises with limited resources won’t be as successful as industry titans. Yesterday’s modest crew was today’s titans. The correct plan and the appropriate tools are what determine success, not the size of the business or the amount of the budget.

Customers are also crucial to the success of any firm. Pay attention to customer service and improving the consumer experience. Utilize the power of live chat software for your small business to make this happen. Integrate the appropriate customer care technologies, like Click2magic, enabling your small team to produce great returns with less cost.

The greatest live chat programme for small businesses is Click2Magic. Its free plan has enterprise-grade capabilities and is specifically designed for sales, support, and marketplaces. The collaboration and communication between chat agents and customers is improved by this live chat app. Proactively reach out to your clients and provide prompt assistance.

Customers and website visitors expect to contact your business via live chat support when they have questions, concerns, problems with your product or service, or other needs. Therefore, once you’re finished using live chat, download it and integrate it with your website or mobile apps according to your business and marketing plans so that clients or website visitors may contact you quickly and easily.

  • Canned Responses: 

Whether for sales, support, or marketplaces, canned responses are crucial to improving customer journeys. You are free to make as many pre-written responses as you like. It enables you to respond to frequently asked questions (FAQs) from consumers swiftly and save time.

  • User typing: 

Click2magic’s live typing feature enables you to see what users are typing on your website in real-time so you can respond to them quickly and effectively.

  • Agent Surveillance

Business owners can observe and listen in on all live chat agents’ chats with clients or website users. It enables them to evaluate the chat agents’ effectiveness and strengthen the areas where they are underperforming.

  • Chat Thread

The chat history or transcripts serve as a record of the entire agent-customer interaction, complete with the customer’s details and time stamps for each message sent by the customer or visitor and the agent. All team members have access to this chat history, so they are not dependent on the other chat agents for knowledge about client concerns.

  • Customization of Widget

Depending on your preferences, you can alter the chat widget’s view, themes, and colour.

  • Observations and Tags

Customers can give their valuable input through rating this free live chat app after speaking with chat agents. Additionally, chat moderators can tag every chat. It assists them in classifying and organising all the talks, making the

  • Observations and Tags

Customers can give their valuable input through rating this free live chat app after speaking with chat agents. Additionally, chat moderators can tag every chat. It assists them in classifying and organising every communication, clearing up the chat window of clutter.

  • Auto transfer

Chats can be automatically moved from one department to another. In other words, chat agents can forward or transfer customer discussions to chat agents who are more qualified to handle customer-related concerns.

  • Categories

The lead status can be defined and categorised by chat agents using this super live chat. They can also change or erase the status whenever they desire.

  • Integration of CRM

The perfect combination that can work wonders for your organisation is live chat and CRM software. Businesses can better manage the client information housed in CRM software by integrating live chat with it.

These are only a few examples. Depending on your business needs, you may upgrade your live chat service subscription or purchase add-ons to access additional services. It offers budget-friendly company plans. Aside from the characteristics described above, this online live chat is simple to use and put into practise. Chat agents or reps may nurture visitors into devoted clients, increase conversion rates, increase sales, and so quadruple their return on investment.

So don’t wait to use this fantastic live chat for your tiny business.


In summary, live chat is more dependable, quick, and economical than other consumer communication channels including phone, email, and social media. Live chat software has become an essential component of every organisation because of this. Utilize customer service software like Click2magic to help your small business expand more quickly.

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