Cocktail Mobile Bar Hire Service

We are a professional mobile cocktail bar hire service in London. We provide mobile cocktail bars for all kinds of events including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, parties, and many other types of events.

How does a mobile cocktail bar near me work?

A cocktail mobile bar hire service works in a simple way. You can get a mobile cocktail bar anywhere you want to. It could be your home or any other venue, we are ready to provide you a cocktail mobile bar at any place you want.

There are many ways in which mobile cocktail bar London works.

  • Fully Staffed Bars

In this option we provide you all of the ingredients and equipment you want to prepare tasty drinks along with a bartender to do the mixing for you. We will set up the equipment, prepare and mix the drinks, and clean up after the party, so you have nothing to worry about. Fully staffed bars are excellent to feel extremely relaxed and focus on other aspects of the event.

  • Bar and drinks

This option includes ingredients and the equipment you need for a mobile cocktail bar. However, it doesn’t come with a dedicated bartender. Therefore, this option is ideal if you have friend or relative who has some experience in bartending and is willing to do it for you at the event.

  • Bar only (Dry hire)

This cocktail mobile bar comes only with the equipment and does not have any drinks or a bartender. This is the ideal option if you want your own selection of drinks and have someone willing to bartend at the event.

Mobile cocktail bar hire London is open to any of the above mobile cocktail bar options. We give the customer the opportunity to select whichever option he prefers. You can speak to us about your event and how you want the mobile cocktail bar arranged. Our experienced and friendly team is always at your service to provide you with the best in the cocktail mobile bar industry.

There are also several ways in which guests can use the mobile cocktail bar.

  • Open Bar

In an option bar, guests can get any amount of drinks in the menu. The total cost of all the drinks the guests consumed will be calculated at the end of the event and the host should pay this amount cocktail mobile bar hire service. This is a costly option for the host, however is the best when it comes to keeping your guests happy and entertained the entire time.

  • Limited Open Bar

A limited open bar offers only a selection of drinks for free. If you want anything out of this selected menu, you need to pay for them. Another way of having a limited open bar is to keep the mobile cocktail bar open for a certain time period. Any drink requested after that time period will need to be paid for by the guests. This is a cost-effective option for the host and also keeps the guests happy with a good selection of drinks.

  • Cash Bar

In a cash bar, guests need to pay for their drinks. This is the cheapest cocktail mobile bar hire option for the host. However, the guests are not going to be too happy having to pay for their drinks. Therefore, this is not the best option if keeping the guests happy and entertained at your party is priority.

Mobile cocktail bar London: Services

Our mobile cocktail bar hire service extends towards the following categories as well:

  • Mobile bar hire
  • Mobile cocktail bar hire
  • Mocktail bar hire
  • Mixologist hire
  • Flair bartender hire
  • Cocktail bar hire
  • Dry bar hire
  • Hen party cocktail making

Mobile cocktail bar hire near me: Service areas

Our mobile cocktail bar hire service areas include the following:

  • London
  • Surrey
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Brighton
  • Watford
  • Manchester
  • Paddington

We provide cocktail mobile bar hire service in London and surrounding areas. We have been in the mobile cocktail bar hire service for a long time and are professionals in the industry. We know how to mix the perfect drinks and to keep your guests happy. We provide the perfect party ambience with our efficient cocktail mobile bar hire service.

Get in touch with us today to plan your next big event. Let us handle serving refreshments to all of your guests and to keep them entertained with our bartending services. 

Mobile cocktail bar London: Key features

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We believe that keeping our customers happy is the best way to be successful at what we are doing. We are open to a range of mobile cocktail bar options that you can select based on your preferences and budget. Visit our website to find out a full list of our cocktail mobile bar services for you.

Having a mobile cocktail bar is the easiest way to relax at your party. You don’t have to worry about your guests being served refreshments and staying happy as we are there to do just that. In fact, you can focus on all of the other important aspects of your event, and leave this to us.

Mobile cocktail bar London provides a good selection of drinks at affordable costs. Speak to us on what you want at your big event and we can arrange it for you. We have worked with a large number of customers and know what each type of event requires. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, we have got cocktails and drinks covered for you.

Cocktail mobile bar hire service is there for you. If you are in London or surroundings areas, get in touch with us to handle the bar at your next event. Mobile cocktail bars are the latest trend and are a must have at any party. 

Our friendly and dedicated team is always there to provide the best mobile cocktail bar hire services in and around London.

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