Community College vs. Four Year Universities

How Attending Junior College Can Save in the Long Run

There are merits to attending community college prior to a four-year university. Community colleges save money on tuition and are one step toward higher education.

As hard economic times have hit here in the United States, people have begun to save more and spend less, but one place where parents are concerned is higher education for their children. As costs for tuition, room, board, books, college essay writing service, lab fees, entertainment allowance, clothing allowance begin to add up, parents and students are looking for more affordable ways to participate in higher education.

One way to get an amazing education with a cheap price tag is to attend an in-state community college. Many are probably thinking this is a strange concept, but in reality, students can come out of school more well-rounded and with a cheaper bill at the end.

How Community Colleges Work

Community colleges offer core classes that are usually required by all four-year colleges and universities. It is wise to check with the potential four-year college to see what credits the college will and will not accept. Once the requirements are understood for the potential degree, and it is known what credits will transfer, apply to a local community college. Classes such as English, psychology, social sciences, and basic math can be found at all community colleges.

Tuition Savings at Junior College

So what are the cost savings? The average in-state student will save approximately half the amount of money paid intuition at a public four-year university by attending an in-state community college. Out-of-state residents will save about the same amount, even though their tuition is higher.

This cost savings will add up in the long run and save consumers thousands of dollars. These savings can be used for extra expenses such as laboratory fees, college application essay writing service, car maintenance, entertainment allowance, and clothing budgets to name a few, keeping both student and parent happy.

Diverse Group of Learners

How will students be more well-rounded? Students attending community colleges will vary in age; some people are changing the direction of their lives and going back to school while others are beginning to chart their life path. This unique combination of students is rarely found on four-year college or university campuses, as most were created for and cater to the new high school graduate. Working with diverse age groups and ethnic backgrounds will allow students to have a better idea of global society and thus, function more efficiently.

Along with the experience of a diverse age group of learners, students will learn how to navigate the college system in an environment where parents can assist and be readily available should any issues arise. If students are able to learn to navigate the housing, financial aid, and registrar process, they will be more successful at a four-year university as those are fewer stressors for them.

Complete Core Classes at Community College

As a nation, it is important to continue to save in these tough economic times, but it is also vital that students are well educated and ready to compete in the global economy. So, the best bang for the buck is to complete core classes at an in-state community college and then transfer to a four-year university. Providing a cost-effective, well-rounded education will help with essay writing as well as give the skills they need to succeed in school, business, and life in general.

Having the ability to save thousands of dollars can also allow parents and students more financial flexibility in the future for things that may come up in school and life. Having savings allows for better fiscal responsibility as well as provides a cushion when economic times hit another slump.

Saving money for college creates savings for life. Community colleges allow parents and students to save money on tuition as well as provide a positive learning environment. That can assist students in gaining skills that can make them successful not only in the community college setting but in a four-year university and life as well.

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