Container Tracking Online: How New Technology Helps You Stay Updated

When you transport goods across the international locations through ocean freight, one of the most important aspects to consider is tracking the goods. With the tracking solution, you are war of the location of the ship at any given time during its journey. In case of delays, you are more likely to come across the reasons, such as mishaps. For business owners, knowledge of the status of the goods helps in planning the delivery schedules seamlessly.

  • When tracking the ocean freight, you can enter the container number to know the status of the goods and the location of the ship.
  • The booking number or the reservation number that you get from the shipper is another reference that helps you obtain the goods.
  • The Bill of Lading is another document that is required for tracking and tracing the cargo.

Why use online container tracking system:

The reasons you need to rely on container tracking online is mentioned below. Here is what you need to know.

Reduce the demurrage and detention fees

Once you deploy an online container tracking service, you may experience a dramatic reduction in the demurrage and detention fees as you get the alerts at any given point during the arrival or delay in the cargo. Experts recommend that you can remove the loss incurred from a day off as you get the status of the shipment due to modern technology. Moreover, you can access the real-time tracking report so that the business team is ready for the pickup when the ship is docked in the port.

Get rid of the manual processes

When it comes to handling ocean freight, the manual processes are nothing more than a sheer wastage of time. Therefore, the introduction of electronic data interchange does not require you to check all the carrier sites to figure out the exact location of the cargo. In other words, the information regarding the cargo becomes centralized for accessing and processing with ease. Therefore, the decision-making in cargo handling becomes seamless once you begin receiving the notifications regarding the cargo.

Data-driven solutions

With the smart tracking solutions, you may get the opportunity to use an analytics dashboard that assists you in making data-driven decisions to manage the cost. Once you embrace the automated tracking solution, you can capture every move from the time of leaving of the shipment from the port until it reaches the destination.

Improved customer satisfaction and communication

Just like your business benefits from the online container tracking system, the customers also benefit from the improved processes and find out whether their shipment will reach the destination at the right time. If you inform the customers about the possible causes of the delay and they get prior information about the problem, the solutions come quickly instead of waiting for a long time until the problem turns worse. Moreover, the technology allows you to communicate with several clients at the same time.

Choosing the container tracking system:

Several things may go into deciding online container tracking system you need to choose. For instance, the technology in the device must provide updates and responses an fully-integrated communication system for all parties to avail the benefits.

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