Covid Certificate Verification – For Resuming Business Operations

Even though the situation post the pandemic is getting normal, yet the severity of the matter is not realised by regular individuals and firms. Businesses are incorporating covid certificate verification to ensure onboard customers that are vaccinated and risk-free. The automated validation solution is also used on-premises so the individuals can be facilitated swiftly in populated public spots.

The rise of scams here is also getting pace, people who are usually afraid of rumours spread around the vaccine and its after-effects or those who have their insurance expired, look for bypassing covid certificate verification with a false vaccine card. This is another business of scammers on the darknet, to sell synthetic certificates. The solutions for automated confirmation with digital screening technology can detect fake vaccine records in real-time with maximum accuracy.

Very Covid Certificate in Seconds

  • The person making the booking for an on-place visit or at the entrance point of the place submits the vaccine card for covid certificate verification. Online solution with state-of-the-art OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology extracts the QR code and ID of the vaccination centre from it
  • In covid certificate verification, the digital system confirms the vaccine card by comparing the data against the information in the digital records of concerned regulatory authorities. The credentials of the customer get confirmed with the corresponding code and ID of the vaccination center 
  • The final output of covid certificate verification is showcased to the authenticating business in real-time with greater accuracy

Industrial Use Cases of Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification

Ride-Hailing Businesses

A large portion of the population travels daily by booking cabs online. The driver, therefore, goes through multiple spots. The management of public transportation and online cab businesses can benefit from AI-driven solutions for covid certificate verification on the spot to confirm the security of the passenger and rider. The system hardly takes a few seconds. The operating speed of a business in this global pandemic doesn’t get affected anymore, that’s what is ensured by automated authentication service.


Who doesn’t like travelling? One should escape from the trench once in a while. A digital solution for coronavirus certificate verification validates the vaccination card of a person with zero friction for confirming the ticket at a brisk pace.  Airlines have recognized engineered covid passes before as people easily prefer anything over priority. The management plays its role by deploying AI-powered technology for covid certificate verification to prevent such incidents.

Medicare Industry

Hospitals and healthcare providers before beginning with the treatment confirm the vaccination status by screening the card in an automated solution, to ensure the authenticity of the patient. The solution for covid certificate verification validates the vaccination status and the patient in real-time. It’s more important in this particular field than anywhere else. Often imposters also collect the medical credentials of others and an engineered covid pass can be presented for treatment. 

Without covid certificate verification with a digital solution, the medical record of the victim gets tampered with, who later blames the concerned management for all the trouble caused by their negligence. This surely blows the reputation of the healthcare provider or hospital in public

Italy’s Take on Unvaccinated Individuals

The government is curious about the Omnicron variant and rigid limitations are being imposed on individuals who don’t possess a green pass for covid. The solutions for covid certificate verification are must for businesses like concert halls, theatres, and others to ensure the vaccination status of clients on-premise. The death toll due to covid in Italy was higher than its neighbours. The importance of covid certificate verification with AI-powered screening can be realised by such conditions. Its prime purpose is not only to increase customers onboarding. The automated validation solution is able to save precious lives.

Characteristics of AI-powered Solution

The global coverage provided by the solution of covid certificate verification impacts a business to a great extent.

  • Seamless authentication of the vaccination status along with the identity of the client. Post a person gets vaccinated, the respective medical records get altered with the QR code and iD of the center. The automated solution also acts as a global IDV provider, detecting unoriginal cards in a second. The solution with a strong AI models group and deep learning does not act in a linear way. Therefore in covid certificate verification, the system spots placed data frictionlessly
  • Supports multiple languages and document formats of numerous countries
  • A group of labs authorised by the regulatory authority 
  • The company providing solutions for covid certificate verification maintains compliance with data protection and privacy protocols 


Businesses have customers who get bothered easily when they have to screen their vaccination cards every time they enter the premises of the particular mall, theatre, restaurants, and so on. The prime selling point after its greater precision is its swiftness. The solution for covid certificate verification helps firms to secure their business and clients from the virus spread by filtering out infected customers and also contributes to saving lives.

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