Crystals and Chakra Healing Stones

If you’re interested in learning more about metaphysical gemstones and their use, you’ve come to the right place. Metaphysical stones are selected based on their metaphysical qualities and placed on specific parts of the body in relation to chakras and energy grids. The healing benefits of stones can range from mood and energy improvements to increased stamina and immune system function.

Jewelry made of crystals

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, crystals and chakra healing stones can offer specific healing powers, positive energy, or both. carries jewelry made of crystals and chakra healing stones and offers a selection of natural handcrafted jewelry pieces, raw natural stones, freeform crystals, and even museum quality crystals for sale at their online store. These stones have been known to help with balancing the energy within a home, office, or living space, clearing negative energy, and promoting harmony.

When choosing jewelry made from chakra-healing stones, you’ll want to consider the gemstones’ associations with various chakras. Some popular stones include rose quartz and obsidian, which are both powerful stones. Obsidian, for instance, is thought to aid with digestion of negative emotions and experiences. It is also known as a supreme nurturer. It is also a great choice for healing from emotional trauma, so it’s best to consult a medical professional before purchasing a crystal.

Placement on body

The healing power of crystals and chakra healing stones is based on traditional Asian concepts. The Chinese refer to these centers as “chakras” and the Hindu and Buddhist systems use the term “qi,” which are vortices in the body that connect the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the body. Each stone is believed to have unique properties, and healers have different ideas about which stones can benefit certain areas of the body. For example, red jade can benefit the heart, while green aventurine is thought to be helpful for the intestines. Yellow topaz is believed to be beneficial for mental clarity, while red and violet are associated with seven of the chakra points on the body.

The healing power of crystals and chakra healing stones can be easily obtained from jewelry and can be worn by almost anyone. You can carry them with you wherever you go, or you can place them on the chakras you wish to heal. They can help dispel residual negative energy and balance all the energy centers in your body. You can also carry them in your pockets or purses, as they have many healing properties.

Placement on chakras

The chakra healing stones are energy centers that are related to our body and mind. Crystals are the perfect companion to open the crown chakra. All crystals have a cosmic energy, but some are heavier in the ways of the world than others. Purple and white crystals are associated with higher consciousness. These gemstones help us move beyond the limitations of the physical realm and connect to our soul. Listed below are some of the chakra healing stones available.

Clear Quartz is a master healer, removing blockages in the chakras and preparing the wearer for the open heart experience. It also awakens desires and inspires open communication. The stone is also known to connect with the third eye and activate the crown chakra. By activating the crown chakra, this stone will bring forth the powers of intuition and awaken your psychic abilities. It will help you receive messages from Spirit and will transform any negative energy into positive energy.

Effects on immune system

The immune system is a wonderful tool for maintaining our overall health. Without it, illness and infection would run rampant. Our immune system consists of interesting soldiers who protect us from foreign invaders and diseases. It also helps us recover after an injury. Without it, infections would run rampant and our body would no longer be able to protect us. Luckily, there are several ways to strengthen your immune system, including the use of crystals.

The most common healing stone for boosting the immune system is Ametrine, which combines the properties of Amethyst and Citrine. This stone works to empower the immune system, boosting it to fight stress and illness. Ametrine works in the crown and solar plexus chakras, inspiring confidence and joy as the immune system works to fight illness. Boosting immunity is a key component to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Placement on the nervous system

Lepidolite is a stone that forms in pegmatites and is the source of lithium and other rare metals. It is named after its lavender color and scale-like appearance and is composed of lithium flakes. Most Lepidolite that you can buy in stores comes from Brazil, Canada, Germany, and Madagascar, with the primary extraction sites in Colorado and Connecticut. Lepidolite can be found in a variety of crystal forms and is beneficial for use in a variety of holistic healing practices.


Some crystal healers use acupressure to place crystals on the body to address various ailments. The placement on chakras and acupressure points is particularly helpful for easing anxiety. Because of their energy fields, crystals naturally focus energy inside the body. In the case of acupressure points, kinesiology Stacey Bout places crystals in the chakras. The purple gem is popular in crystal healing because it promotes relaxation. It also helps to release negative energies and relieve stress.

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