Different Types of Wigs and their Qualities

The wigs have been around since ancient Egypt, the sixteenth century and at different periods in the history of mankind. Interestingly, this item has already been considered a material of extreme luxury and elegance, starring mainly noble men and women, from the upper classes. Originally, wigs arose for reasons of hygiene and the need of some people to protect themselves from the cold. Thanks to such controversy regarding the material, over the years, wigs have adopted a worthy reputation for technical, visual and technological investment.

Nowadays, many people use wigs for aesthetic purposes due to their practicality. With them, it is possible to gain exactly the hair you always wanted. Without the need to modify the hair’s natural structure, through chemical treatments that damage it. It is also possible to beat time and gain long hair in just a few minutes. As well, it is also a great alternative to maintain the well-being of people who undergo chemotherapy treatments. Thanks to current state-of-the-art technology, which allows you to mimic and perfectly simulate the conditions of real hair through them.

This is done both through the techniques of making human hair wigs, and through the application forms. The variability available in the wig industry is maddening. There are all different possible models on the market. From long, short, smooth, wavy, curly, afro, colored and even customizable female wigs, which are cut and painted only after being placed on the client’s head.

Interested in the subject? So you are in the right place. We’ll make a brief introduction to let you know about the options that exist in the field and find out which one is right for you.

Ultra-realism in the head!

As said before, the big bet of the moment are the wigs made from human hair: the famous natural hair wigs. These, as the name tells us, are made from strands of hair or sold by people who decided to make a radical change in the cut and who, in the end, decided to get rid of the locks.

Wigs of this type can be made either with an entirely natural character (as an example of the front lace 100% human hair) or mixed with synthetic hair. Technique that still allows to maintain the naturalized look, together with a price that fits in the pocket of those who use it.

Front Lace

Firstly, “Lace” is a wig that exactly mimics the birth of the hairs on the head. The particularity of the Front is in the making of its internal finish. Which, in order to bring the wig closer to the real thing, is made so that the screen is positioned on the front of the wig cap. An advantage of the Front Lace is its front made of tulle, which can be glued or attached to the head by the combs.

Making it look like the strands grow from your own scalp. Other advantages of this type are:

  • Saves glue and tape, as it is fixed only on the front;
  • It is more reinforced, so it loses less hair and lasts longer;
  • It is cheaper, because its manufacture is simpler;

Full Lace

Female wigs in the Full Lace category also differ from the Front in their finishing, which are manufactured with tulle along the entire length of the wig cap. This difference provides some advantages and disadvantages compared to the first. On the downside, this 360 lace wig is less resistant than the first.

Because, its finish is more delicate and leads to losing more hair strands. This one also tends to be more expensive than Front. This is due to its advantages in relation to naturalness, freshness, providing more comfort, being more discreet and allowing you to make ponytails, without noticing that it is a wig.

To save more

Although wigs made with human hair are of the highest and most sophisticated level, the technology applied to synthetic female wigs leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to being cheaper, some have resembled human hair. They are also ideal for tests and for occasions when the important thing is to feel good and beautiful. There are, however, some additional important precautions so that the synthetic wig experience is not frustrating.

Since these last less, they cannot be washed with hot water or blow-dried on them.

How to choose the best wig types?

Now that you know our different types of wigs, bundles with closure, dentures, products and services, you may be asking yourself: but which one is best for me? I say that there is not the best type of wig or prosthesis for you, but there is the best solution for your need, your expectations and your case.

So before deciding on a specific product, we talked a lot before indicating the best solution. That’s why we don’t work with lots of ready-made products here, because we understand that each customer is unique, and requires a different and personalized solution, in order to achieve the best results.

ULAhair is the best website where you can get 100% virgin human hair. We have our own factory in China from where, we supply our hair bundles to our clients within 2 to 5 working days through Fedex or DHL.

  • Our lace match with a wide range of skin tones so that you can choose one for you easily.
  • We provide pure virgin hair – Less shedding/tangling
  • All the hair are washed and cared well and gently so you will not get any stinky smell.

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