Disadvantages of technology:

Technology is a huge part of this modern world however we remain unaware of its hidden dangers. Although technology is a very important and reliable aspect of our life, still it can cause many damages to our health especially our mental health.

Damage to our eyesight:

The most popular of all the damages that technology can cause is the damage to our eyesight. We can see around us those little children wearing glasses or suffering from eye problems all due to watching excessive cartoons or playing video games. Children at the age of 13 have mobile phones and social media which makes them vulnerable to cybercrime like cyber bullying which leads to many youngsters committing suicide.

Cause of obesity:

Technology can also be considered as the cause of obesity in children as nowadays children prefer to play video games instead of physical games. Many people on a daily basis get scammed on their data or money due to technology of https://topfakeid.com.

Rate of unemployment:

Technology has also raised the rate of unemployment, as there are many machines which have replaced human labor, resulting in less job availability. In this era of the world misuse of technology has increased. identities are forged with the use of technology and frauds are carried out. Scams are mostly carried out through emails, texts, phone calls or advertisements on the internet.


Technology is addictive and people find it very hard to detach from it. Technology can have a bad effect on the relationships near us as it has an influence on how we communicate. One of them being misunderstanding, especially when talking over text or email.

It creates more introverts:

Another social disadvantage of technology is that youngsters are unable to interact in society and do not understand body language and find it difficult to talk face to face. This is because they communicate mainly over text instead of in person. These days we are able to find any information with one click. This is quite an advantage to us but has some limitation to it, as it proves a barrier to the creative thoughts of the individual. With this pace it seems that the search tab will play an important role in the near future. 

Privacy issues:

With this technology around us privacy seems to be a nightmare. There is no device that doesn’t collect its user’s data. Hackers in today’s world are the biggest threat. Internet is the place where the offenders carry out online sex crimes. Anyone can get hold of someone’s personal information. Hackers and criminals use technology to steal identities and harass people, especially children. Technology has also increased theft, privacy issues and much more. By visiting the site you can know this about techktimes.com

With the use of technology, the attention span of an individual tends to decrease and he/she is unable to keep his/her focus on the given task. Technology has a huge impact on mental health and can be the cause of depression in young adults.

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