Do I Really Need To Write Unique Product Descriptions For My E-Commerce Website?

Managing an eCommerce website is time and resource intensive – particularly if you want any chance at outshining your competitors and functioning at optimal performance. But do you really need to go and write a unique product description for every single item you stock? What if you have thousands of items?

Read on and let’s find out…

Do you need to write unique product descriptions for your eCommerce website?

You don’t *need* to do anything. It’s your website and you are under no obligation to do anything you don’t want to. However, if the question is: “should you write unique product descriptions?” then the answer is a resounding yes!

To put it simply, your product descriptions can be the star of the show. It doesn’t matter how fast your website loads, how intuitive your navigation system, or how good the quality of the content on your home page is; if you have bland and unoriginal product descriptions with very little in the way of personalisation, your conversions will be minimal.

Here’s a look at the many ways in which writing unique product descriptions for every item on your website can benefit your business:

  • Improved rankings: whether you have copied & pasted the product description from the manufacturer website, or you have a lot of duplicate copy due to many of your products being similar, you’ll struggle to rank them. Google will struggle to differentiate between multiple web pages that have exactly the same (or very similar) copy. So, if you want the best chance at getting more visibility, you’ve got to produce fresh and unique content. Yes, you can bullet point the specs and features, but as to the written description itself, make it unique.
  • More organic traffic: the higher you rank the more traffic you are likely to receive. The more traffic you receive the more chances at converting customers you will have.
  • Higher CTR: if you produce fresh copy and create unique titles and meta descriptions, you can increase the chances of people clicking on your product pages in the SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • Support your keywords: you should be conducting extensive keyword research and developing unique product descriptions that support those keywords.
  • Reduced bounce rate: copied content is rarely great content and if your product descriptions don’t match well with your titles and metas, people will be disappointed and your bounce rate will invariably be higher.
  • More onsite conversions: each product page is an opportunity to produce rich and engaging sales copy, bound for higher conversions. Get into the mind of your audience and highlight the benefits of each product. How will it improve lives?
  • Better structured text: stick to a consistent structure with all of your product pages with short and sweet descriptions, bulleted lists, and clear CTAs.
  • Stand out from the competition: a lot of your competitor websites will take short cuts and copy & paste manufacturer copy. Don’t follow suit. Instead, seize this opportunity to stand out from the crowd with unique and compelling, on-brand sales copy.

What if you have thousands of products?

If you have a huge website, naturally the thought of writing thousands of unique product descriptions can be overwhelming. Don’t panic. Just get started! Make a list of priority items and tick them off in bite-size chunks.

Alternatively, this Los Angeles SEO agency company has over a decade of experience delivering superior results to big names like Calvin Klein. If the thought of doing all that work doesn’t appeal to you, simply outsource it to the professionals and you focus on what you do best instead.


If you want world-class results you must put in a world-class effort. There are no two ways about it. Why go to all that effort to have a custom website built only to populate it with ‘borrowed’ copy? It seems like such a waste.

Yes, producing so many fresh and unique product descriptions is a big job, but the results will otherwise speak for themselves.

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