Do Methadone Clinics Offer Successful Treatment For Addiction?

Often, it’s the unusual experiences at methadone clinics that make it to the press. The overwhelming majority of the successful cases are often unheard of, and the few untoward practices and outcomes at these clinics do come to define the public perception toward them. However, in most cases, the negativity associated with methadone detox clinics is from rumors and overblown lapses of only a very few of them.

Do methadone clinics profit from getting patients addicted to methadone?

How long you stay on methadone depends solely on you. Sure, rehab clinics make money as long as you attend them and keep taking methadone, but that is not sufficient motivation for them to keep you there. The truth is that most methadone clinics will prefer a lesser patient load. There are more addicts needing attention, so most methadone clinics want old patients to stay longer than necessary. Some say methadone maintenance therapy should last no longer than six months or one year, while others contend that indefinitely using methadone is good so long as it keeps the ex-addict from relapsing. There are no hard and fast rules here, but you should have a personal goal when attending methadone.

Is methadone addiction worse than opiate addiction?

No. Methadone has an addictive potential, but it really does not have a true addictive profile. It does not cause permanent damage or significantly impair bodily functions, and neither do patients show increasing tolerance to it. Even for patients who are “addicted” to methadone, methadone detox is far less painful than opiate detox. Sure, it takes longer simply because methadone is a longer-acting drug at the opioid receptors than opiates, but the withdrawal symptoms of methadone detox are milder and can be easily managed.

What about methadone’s long-term damage to the body?

Purported long-term damage to the body in patients attending methadone clinics includes liver function impairment, rotting teeth, weight gain, and compromised immunity. These are in no way true and are definitely the results of the addict’s prior opiate addiction. Long-term damage of opiate dependence is cumulative and often unobserved during addiction because addicts do not have access to professional medical care and are not in the state of mind to fully assess their health. The damages from old lifestyle often present during methadone maintenance therapy and are wrongfully blamed on methadone.

Do methadone clinics overcharge?

Methadone clinics can be public or private. Private clinics, like all private clinics, can charge a whole lot more than public ones. However, they provide better medical care and often provide other helpful therapies such as counseling and physical and group therapy. Public clinics are far cheaper and see more patients but provide only the core components of methadone maintenance therapy.

Are all methadone clinics dirty and depressing?

No. Of course, some methadone clinics will be badly run. Dirty, depressing facilities can also be found in specialist and dental practices too. Rehab clinics are mostly strictly run according to federal and state regulations, but if the state of your clinic will affect your recovery, you can always change to another clinic even though the new one could be farther.

Do methadone clinics help besides doling out methadone?

Private clinics usually help beyond just issuing methadone. They provide other forms of help to get addicted on a fast road to recovery with a staff of trained doctors, counselors, and support staff. Still, the quality of service will vary from clinic to clinic. You can depend on your doctor’s recommendation to know which methadone clinics provide core and adjunct therapies for addicts.

Are methadone clinics largely unsuccessful with detox?

No, they have more successful cases than failures. It’s only unfortunate that it’s the failed recoveries that get the most press time. Well-run methadone clinics following the best practices produce successful results more often than others. Of course, equal

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