Does a Bong Give you a Better High?

Bongs are smoking tools that have been in use for centuries. These tools give a smoother smoking experience for herbal substances such as tobacco and cannabis than alternatives such as joints. But is it a better high?

Many people ask whether using a bong to smoke will give a better high. Read the points explained below to get your answer.

The smoking processes

Joints are a cheap, common, and pretty standard way of smoking substances. People often wrap the weed or tobacco in a piece of paper before lighting and smoking it.

Today’s bongs are made in many complicated and interesting designs but have the same working mechanism. Bongs have a stem, a water-filled chamber, and a place to direct heat into the bong. Compared to rolled joints, water bongs are made in a variety of shapes and styles. You fill the chamber with water, light your herbal substance, and inhale from the top of the stem. Smoke and water bubbles fill the chamber as you inhale in the stem and the smoke flows into your lungs.

Which one gives a better high?

Bongs are popular because the filtering process makes each hit smoother. They allow you to inhale bigger gulps of smoke that will get you high very fast. Joints will also get you high but at a slower rate. The smooth and moist smoke will definitely give you a better high compared to the dry harsh smoke from a joint.

Availability of herbal substances

Weed is not cheap, and you’ll want to maximize what you have to get your money’s worth so we should keep it shielded in weed containers. Bongs will get you a better high because the smoking process allows a quicker flow of cannabinoids into your system. Therefore, you need little weed to feel high compared to smoking a joint.

As you maximize the use of the available substance, using a bong reduces waste.  When you light it up and breathe in, you remove the flame and pass the bong to your friend to ensure weed or tobacco does not continue to burn when you stop inhaling. On the other hand, a joint will burn throughout even when you pause to hand it over to a friend. This reduces the amount of weed you can smoke, which means you will have to use much more to get high.

How skilled are you?

Rolling a joint when in a rush to get high can result in a crumpled mess and wasted weed or tobacco. You need practice, great mastery, and a steady hand to do a great job to avoid getting burned while smoking and wasting weed. Bongs are a much more ideal choice to get you a better high if you are new to smoking.

In conclusion, most people say that using a bong is healthier than smoking a joint because you only need a little weed. Smoke responsibly and remember to use a bong if you want a better high experience.

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