Dog bite in Miami: Check key laws and steps to follow

Dogs are not only friendly and extremely jolly but are also fiercely loyal to their owners. It is not uncommon to find cases in Miami where a “man’s best friend” has mauled people to death or has caused grave injuries. Because dogs transmit a lot of negative energy when they bite, people often suffer traumatic wounds. Not to forget, some breeds are capable of causing more damage than others. In this post, we will learn more about dog bite rules in Miami-Dade County and what you need to do after suffering a dog bite.

Basic laws in Miami-Dade County

  • Owners must restrain their dogs whenever they leave the property. This doesn’t include zones that are marked as leash-free.
  • Owners cannot chain their dogs in their absence.
  • If the dog is being transported in a pickup truck, the animal must be placed in a container.
  • Only four dogs are allowed on one residential property.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and revaccinated as per schedule.
  • Owners must get a dog license and must have tags on their dogs.

What to do after a dog bite injury?

  1. First things first document the incident. Once the dog is restrained, take pictures of the scene, and call 911 to get medical attention. Take pictures and videos of your injuries and the dog. Make sure that you write down everything you remember about the incident on paper, provided you are capable of doing so.
  2. Get details of the dog’s owner. You need the name, contact number, address, and insurance company details of the dog’s owner. If there were witnesses to the scene, take their contact details so that you can contact them later for testimonies.
  3. Get medical help right away. Once you leave the scene, get medical help right away, especially if you called 911 and an ambulance didn’t arrive at the scene. Let the doctor know that you have suffered a dog bite and get everything documented. If the dog wasn’t vaccinated, you might have a lot to worry about.  
  4. Call animal control. Ensure that you inform the local animal control agency, which will initiate an investigation, and the details may come in handy for your claim.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to call an injury attorney for your claim. A lawyer can help recover the damages you have sustained because the owner wasn’t careful with the dog.

Always hire an injury attorney who has experience handling dog bite lawsuits.

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