Double Iron Consulting: Getting Businesses Needed Leverage

Managing a business in a highly competitive environment can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned professionals. The business environment changes constantly, and businesses that cannot or do not utilize trends and technologies and struggle to adapt accordingly will fail.

Double Iron Consulting believes that the more a business owner understands the critical importance of having the right kind of information, tools, skills, and manpower for their company will have a clearer idea about building and sustaining their ventures.

A Look at Double Iron Consulting

Double Iron Consulting is a leading consulting firm specializing in providing companies and individuals with support and advice on growing their businesses.

It was founded by William Smith in 2021, offering business expertise for small and family-owned businesses. Bill Smith is a third-generation business owner. His grandfather, the first William Smith, purchased a business that became Royal Cup Coffee.

His son, the second William Smith, later forged a partnership with Hatton Smith to grow the company. As a young man, the youngest William Smith worked as an intern at Royal Cup Coffee, learning about the business and developing the skills he would need later to begin his consultancy firm.

Double Iron Consulting’s Mission

Double Iron was named in honor of Birmingham’s steel and iron industry and Bill Smith’s passion for sports and fitness.

Bill envisioned his consultancy firm to be the source of solid, proven, and practical information for business owners who want to grow their businesses.

At the core of Double Iron Consulting is a company that reflects Bill’s attitude as a fitness enthusiast. As a result, the company thrives on structure, clear goals, and strong intentions.

The goal of Double Iron Consulting is to provide its clients with the right tools to increase their performance by focusing on the best strategies that will improve their customer base and boost revenue.

The company focuses on helping clients address their communication techniques, both internal and external. According to Bill Smith, many of the problems that emerge from bad business practices stem from poor communication.

By building excellent communication between companies and customers/stakeholders, their clients can iron out any problems, address issues before they happen, and provide the most effective resolutions in a timely manner.

Double Iron Consulting also encourages companies to focus on strategic planning to eliminate unnecessary steps and costly processes. This approach helps streamline the business and improve its financial performance.

On top of that, Double Iron Consulting also helps its clients to create accountability among its executives, management, and staff, particularly when it comes to action steps.

Knowing who is responsible and why helps identify when and if issues occur. It helps build trust and confidence in the company, its leaders, and its processes.

Double Iron Consulting believes that every company must focus on creating a clear strategy when it comes to growth. A business must know what it wants and how to get it.

Understanding how strategic growth works empowers the company members to implement the right action plans and approaches to achieve a uniform goal. When a business knows where it wants to be and who it wants to become, it will be able to develop the right action plan to get to where it has to be.

A picture of a banner that says, ‘We Hear You.’ Representing a key business approach taught by Bill Smith.

A critical component of every business approach is customer service. For Bill Smith, what every business should aim to achieve is promoting customer experience.

Every customer naturally wants to be satisfied, but Bill Smith believes that businesses can exceed that expectation. They can provide satisfaction and surprise through proper customer care and a thorough understanding of their target market’s needs. Being one step ahead of their customers is the surest way to ensure that those customers’ needs are met.

Bill Smith often says that wants can be created, but it takes the best and most visionary businesses to ensure that their target market wants to sign up for it.

Another critical area that Double Iron Consulting focuses on with their clients is training. For Bill Smith, training is at the heart of excellent management.

According to him, well-trained people are better equipped to identify the best solutions and create the perfect approaches and strategies that promote growth and create stability. Every company should have solid training objectives in place for every team member and leader.

Training paves a clear path for businesses and helps eliminate ineffective practices and approaches that negatively impact the performance of a business and create confusion among its members.

These obstacles spell disaster for many businesses because it divides what should otherwise be a unified team. It also creates conflict not just among team members but also among customers.

Bill Smith talks about the last thing that business owners and stakeholders want is a company run by individuals who work as individuals and act and think as individuals. You want a team with the same goals and missions and a crystal clear idea of what to do to achieve those goals and missions.

Meet Bill Smith

Bill Smith currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Double Iron Consulting. As the company’s founder, he utilizes his years of training and hands-on experience with Royal Cup Coffee and applied strategies and techniques to build Double Iron Consulting from the ground up.

He focused on identifying and implementing the right strategies to initiate rebranding and expand the company, making it more feasible and stable.

Bill Smith still does double duty, serving as the leader of Double Iron Consulting and sitting on the board of Royal Cup Coffee. However, he does spend more time ensuring that executives and family business owners receive the expert advice and assistance they need to help their businesses transition, grow, expand, and improve.

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